Baki Hanma Season 2 Pickle Arc Review

Baki Hanma Season 2


Baki Hanma Season 2 features a Jurassic Warrior Pickle, preserved in salt, is resurrected to life through scientific means. The caveman finds himself in conflict with the modern era and its martial arts.

Characters/ Roast

Pickle the prehistoric man from millions of years ago, whose perfectly adapted body makes him a formidable predator, is resurrected in Japan. Although his understanding of the new world is limited, he excels at fighting, hunting, and marking his territory. These hyper-masculine traits attract attention in the underground fighting world, where martial artists, kung fu experts, and grapplers all seek to test their skills against him.

From the start, naming him ‘Pickle’ without a proper rationale or way to communicate his identity seems weak. His combat style, which involves consuming his opponents, is shockingly brutal, but his emotional reaction to dismembering his foes becomes repetitive. He eventually learns to fight without such gruesome tactics. The scene where Pickle interacts with a woman in a tamed manner contrasts with the more graphic possibilities that the manga may have explored.

It’s surprising that such an incident only occurred once. Afterward, he had nine men attempt to invade his territory and challenge him, the situation took on a slightly erotic undertone.

Katsumi Orochi, a Karate expert, was determined to evolve after his pride was shattered by Ogre’s scathing remarks. His journey from visualizing his limbs with multiple tiny bones resembling a snake’s anatomy to achieving a Mach 5 speed punch was truly remarkable. Upon mastering this technique, he believed he was prepared to take on Pickle. After stepping into the ring, his students and friends all gathered around, hyping him up boosting his confidence to take on Pickle.

However, Pickle’s unique physique proved to be a challenge, rendering Katsumi’s perfectly executed attacks ineffective.

Undeterred, Katsumi resorted to the Mach punch, achieving success but severely damaging his own fist in the process. One might have expected him to reconsider his approach, but he continued with a Mach kick, sacrificing even more limbs without bringing Pickle down. In a desperate move, he transformed his ruined arm into a makeshift whip. Although he successfully executed the maneuver, he lost his arm in the process. To his surprise, Pickle disarmed him, quite literally.

As Katsumi lay there, expecting to become caveman cuisine, his students stood by, ready to witness his demise. However, at that moment, Pickle released the arm and ended the fight, leaving Katsumi spared from the fate he had seemingly resigned himself to.

Jack Hanma, Baki’s brother, underwent extensive surgeries to become stronger and taller. Bursting into the ring with charged determination, he confronted Pickle head-on, landing powerful blows. A unique challenge emerged as he proposed a jaw strength test, putting their respective jaws to the ultimate test. However, the test was abruptly ended when Pickle bit off Jack’s lower jaw, exposing raw muscle and teeth. In a traditional Baki fashion, he couldn’t overcome the might of the caveman, ultimately leading to his defeat and knockout.

Yet, Jack had honed a technique that would allow him a final, deadly attack in the face of defeat. Surviving the experience but ending up hospitalized, he boldly returned to face Pickle once more, only to face another brutal defeat. This time, Pickle’s actions took a more gruesome turn as he scaled a building like King Kong, holding Jack upside down to be consumed later. This act underscored Pickle’s perception of Jack as mere prey rather than a worthy adversary, highlighting the harsh and brutal nature of their encounter.

Baki Hanma, the son of the powerful Ogre, grappled with the decision to face Pickle, driven by his desire to confront his father. Upon realizing their identical fighting stances, he embraced the challenge against the prehistoric contender. Baki showcased remarkable resilience, surviving two falls from a height of 100 feet and engaging in a fierce exchange with Pickle. Despite delivering a potent final blow, Baki found himself on the ground, raising questions about the true victor.

The spectators speculated whether Baki’s strategic maneuver had made Pickle resort to trickery, implying that only the weak rely on tricks, or if Pickle’s standing position declared him the victor. While the fight wasn’t depicted across six episodes, the narrative still entices viewers to contemplate the genuine outcome of the showdown.


Baki, the embodiment of traditional toxic masculinity, ventures into caveman territory, where marking territory and raw meat consumption are celebrated. The 13-episode series feels a tad short, leaving one wanting more as only 4 out of 9 men dared to challenge Pickle. Ogre faced him with a powerful fist bump, sending Pickle crashing down. Ogre’s daring walk through glass to confront Pickle was awe-inspiring.

The show offers thrilling hype moments but also drags with excessive explanations and narration. The English-dubbed version’s narration becomes a distraction, resembling a Dora episode meant for children. The question arises whether the content is filler as the highly anticipated fight between Ogre and Pickle never truly unfolds. Baki faced Pickle only to be knocked out, leaving uncertainty about his readiness to challenge his father.

While Baki previously proved his mettle against Unchained, this season’s outcome raises queries. Is Baki headed for another training expedition, or will he confront his father in the next season? The series seems to elongate time, teasing a decades-long wait for Baki’s intense clash with his father. Overall, this season is passable, serving as a time-filler until the anticipated Baki-Ogre encounter. The hope remains that this long-awaited showdown will justify the years of anticipation. Baki: Son of Ogre receives a 5 out of 10.