Baki Hanma Season 2 Review: The Fight Of The Century

Baki Hanma Season 2
Baki Hanma Season 2 Review: Father vs Son Arc The Fight Of The Century

Baki Hanma Season 2. Baki, the Son of Ogre, has been tirelessly preparing to confront his father, Yujiro Hanma, in a battle of legendary proportions. Each victory has brought him closer to proving his worthiness to face his formidable father.

Baki Hanma Season 2 Characters/ Roast

Baki Hanma, the young grappler, has undergone rigorous training to attain the status of the ultimate fighter, all in the pursuit of avenging his mother’s death at the hands of his father. He believes he’s now prepared to face his father, especially after his last encounter with Pickle. The scene where Baki channels his inner Viola Davis, shedding tears and snot, had me in stitches. The emotional turmoil within this family is disturbing, and it only seems to worsen.

In a bold move, Baki invites his father to a series of dinners leading up to their impending showdown. He even goes as far as requesting that his father wash the dishes and prepare a meal, something not in his father’s demeanor. Much to Baki’s surprise, he receives an invitation from his father to a high-class dinner, revealing a side of Yujiro that contrasts with his violent nature. Following the meal, Baki takes a disrespectful turn, setting the stage for an extended pre-fight foreplay buildup.

Throughout the lead-up to the fight, Baki repeatedly refers to this epic confrontation as a simple bout between a father and son, which is mind-numbing, given the stakes – he’s fighting for his life. Regardless of his intentions, Baki becomes vulnerable and yearns for a normal father-son relationship. However, his quest for normalcy takes a dark turn, and he ends up being used as nunchucks.

Yujiro, the ultimate adversary in the series, initially indulges his son’s request and shares a few meals with him before ultimately deciding to engage him in a brutal physical confrontation. Yujiro likely would have extended his time with Baki, but their interactions took a disrespectful turn, and he had to put his son in his place, quite literally.

The impending fight between father and son was so highly anticipated that it required the prime minister to evacuate a hotel and a mall, transforming the area into a battlefield. The news of the battle spread far and wide, attracting a diverse audience eager to witness this monumental clash.

The pre-fight buildup was so intense that Baki repeatedly passed out but insisted on more rounds. Yujiro even managed to sense his father’s aura and employed his ‘Dress’ technique, using Baki as if he were nunchucks. Yujiro was genuinely impressed by his son’s progress, even allowing him the privilege of sitting on his shoulders like a child at a fair. Afterwards Yujiro left Baki battered and beaten to a point where only his unwavering fighting spirit caught his father’s attention, leading to an imaginative and symbolic moment where Yujiro prepared an imaginary meal for his son, effectively concluding their battle.

Baki Hanma Season 2 Thoughts

Baki Son Of Orge a semi sadistic series hiding in the shounen category, the most messed up father son dynamics already has a numerous entries and the relationship between baki and his father makes it to the top of the list. The damage he put on his son make me wonder the upbringing of the mangaka being a baby boomer and pulling himself up by his sandal straps. The Baki series is filled with alot of bravado and symbolic victories. the fact they even threw in the subplot of Retsu being becoming a boxer was filler at best because the auidence only came to see one thing and one thing only. I would like to hope I share the same sentiment with other people when I say I wanted Baki to whip the floor with his dad. atleast for his mothers sake since she did a sacfrice move getting destroyed. I remember seeing glimpses of the manga fight between the two and though the fight was crazy it was drawn out without a major reward. If I was told Baki was going to have the title of worlds strongest just given to him along with an imaginary make believe dish of miso soup I wouldve thought someone was trolling. Once I saw Baki go up against Pickle and not get a definitive k.o. I had a feeling Baki might not have been ready to fight Orge. who also was on some slimeball activity out here congratulating his son while pounding him into nextweek then handing him the title but knowing his son was deaf handed it right back to him. words cannot express the feeling expereinced at the end of this Netflix special. Baki put in a few good blows but ultimatley it wasnt enough. Baki shouldve went into a hyperbolic time chamber then perhaps he wouldve stood a chance. some of the fight scenes shifted between high and low budget due to the length of the fight and having to draw a crowd of people to witness it doesnt make it any better either. For the hanma fight to end the way it did Im dissapointed hurt and betrayed. I think I dont ever want to watch anything Baki related again

Baki, Son of Ogre, resides in the realm of semi-sadistic series within the shounen category. It boasts one of the most twisted father-son dynamics in a genre already known for such complexities. The extent of damage inflicted upon Baki prompts reflection on the mangaka’s upbringing, possibly a product of the baby boomer era, marked by self-reliance and resilience. Pulling ones self up by the sandal straps. The Baki series exudes bravado and thrives on symbolic victories. The subplot involving Retsu’s venture into boxing feels like filler at best, as the audience’s primary interest lies elsewhere.

I share a sentiment with many when I say that I had hoped to witness Baki triumph decisively over his father, if only for his mother’s sake, considering the sacrifice she made, ultimately leading to her destruction. While glimpses of the manga fight between the two hinted at its craziness, the drawn-out nature left me yearning for a more substantial payoff. The notion of Baki being bestowed with the title of the world’s strongest, coupled with an imaginary dish of miso soup, seemed like a surreal prank. My doubts only grew stronger when I witnessed Baki’s struggle against Pickle, failing to secure a definitive knockout. It led me to believe that perhaps Baki wasn’t truly prepared to face the formidable Ogre.

Ogre’s duplicitous behavior, offering congratulations while subjecting his son to a relentless beating, followed by a symbolic passing of the title, only to take it back, left me at a loss for words. The conclusion of this Netflix special left me feeling disappointed, hurt, and somewhat betrayed. I can’t help but think I may never want to engage with anything related to Baki again.

Some of the fight scenes displayed a noticeable fluctuation in quality, likely influenced by budgetary constraints and the need to depict a sizable crowd witnessing the battle. The Hanma fight’s resolution, or lack thereof, leaves me deeply dissatisfied, evoking a sense of letdown and a feeling of having been misled. At this point, I’m seriously reconsidering any future engagement with Baki-related content.

Baki Hanma Season 2 | Baki Son Of Orge gets a 2 out of 10.

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