Batgirl Was A Waste Of Time And 90 Million Bucks

Warner Bros. Discovery has cancelled the Batgirl movie with an actress nobody has heard of before (Leslie Grace). One can take a look at the CW Batgirl, Batwoman, Bat-ma’am and let that be an indicator. that the mainstream audience just isn’t interested in those titles. By cancelling the Batgirl movie, WB is saving themselves from a potential disaster.

“Big changes” are happening to the DC cinematic universe and Warner Bros. Besides all the merging into which company owns which company, a spokesperson for DC has a 10-year plan for the brand. We will see how that turns out.

It appears that it’s too late to implement a plan to save the cinematic universe. Movies as of late have been horrible all the way to tolerable. The Batgirl movie was going to piggyback off “wokeness” but only got held up for something to take its place. This is not a victory for fans because something worse is coming down the pipeline.

Batgirl Cancelled: Plot Revealed

The cancelled film had a diverse cast with a Latina actress, a trans character, and a boomer (Micheal Keaton).

Some people want to argue about a Latina woman being the lead is why it got scrapped. However, the movie tested around 30, which is not a good score.

Ivory Aquino was set to be the transgender character Alysia Yeoh. Brendan Fraser was the villain Firefly. Is it just me or does this give off a Robert Pattinson Batman vibe? With the eye makeup and an ethnic Commissioner Gordon, they would have done a lot of damage.

Instead of HBO Max releasing it, they rather cancelled it and use it as a tax write off. Not only will it keep them out of more debt, it will spare them the shame of releasing garbage. It should be a wake-up call, once the pandering and sucking up fails they will move on like it’s business as usual.

Hopefully, bots won’t spam social media with the “release batgirl” trend. Save DC and yourself the embarrassment and let this go…

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