Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Is An Unplayable Nightmare

modern warfare 2

Broken On Launch

I bought the digital download for Modern Warfare 2 that included a PS4-to-PS5 upgrade bundle for $70, which I thought was nice. If I was on a current-gen system, the game would have been $80, so playing on a last-gen console would be ok. Boy, was I wrong. The PS4 port of my operator looks like a low-poly monstrosity. Going back to Modern Warfare is still playable. I don’t know what the developers were thinking, but this isn’t it.

The lobbies are bugged so bad that if you’re in a party, you each have to disband only to rejoin on each other. Even if you can find a game, it’s still difficulties to come across like half the party being in-game and the others still in matchmaking, maps not loading in correctly, and having game crashes. I know I’m on an older system, but the problems in Modern Warfare 2 have affected the community. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one going insane with this game.

Toxicity Vs Casual Player

The age of being a casual player running around the map with any weapon you want is over. The game punishes the run-and-gun type by having loud footsteps that alert enemy players so they can have sights aimed at you. It’s been plenty of times I called myself, only to find that they were sitting behind a deployable shield, waiting for me to feed their next kill streak.

“Skill-based” matchmaking is a term I’ve grown tired of because “hiding and camping” doesn’t take much skill.Instead of enjoying the game, it feels like you have to adapt to a playstyle of people you know don’t move or blend into corners. This makes for stressful and headache-inducing gameplay.

Modern Warfare 2 Thoughts

I have grinded for a couple hours in the game so I earned the right to say as of 11/06/2022 the game is broken. It is unpolished and needs more work to be done to it. The menu user interface is confusing for no reason – it’s like a messy Rubix cube. I never would’ve thought, while playing the Gamecube in 2008, that in 2022 AAA game studios would release mediocre trash and expect full price for it. that games 20 years ago with less hard-drive and graphical capacities would be the best that simple gamers would ever amount to. The Modern Warfare 2 2022 released on 10/28/2022 and won’t expand its limited game modes until

It is a reason I usually wait to play games before getting them day one, now that I am in the same boat it feels bad. Having to wait on a studio to iron out kinks in a game you paid full price for. I didn’t buy it on sale or at a discount. I’ve been there since day one. The worst part is you know the developers are betting on getting sales for digital cosmetic purposes. It makes me sick. Something needed to be done about it a long time ago, but consumers allowed it. It’s like the world is telling us to enjoy the decline of society and entertainment.

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