Chainsaw Man Episode 5 Denji Touching Power and Makima Is Crazy! Reaction Commentary

Chainsaw Man Episode 5
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Only Reason We Watching Chainsaw Man Episode 5 チェンソーマン Denji Touching Power and Makima Reaction Commentary No fights this time only filler and thirst. Get it filler 🙂 #chainsawman #chainsawmanreaction #chainsawmanepisode5 #anime #reaction SKZ | ShounenKnightz Low Edit Version
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Chainsaw Man Episode 5 picks up where Episode 4 left off, where Denji was about to grab the chest of Power. Power had the upper hand because she was wearing a padded bra. This didn’t go over well with Denji. He was going to be sad for the rest of the episode until he got a private lesson from Makima. After that, the squad went to a haunted hotel looking for the Gun Devil. Only to end up in a looping maze and the episode ended. This didn’t have a whole lot of action this time around, unless you count the face-foot-hand demon as action. It also touched on the backstory of Aki, who has a feud with the Gun Devil because it may be responsible for taking away his family. Episode 4 so far is my favorite episode, this one was sort of like a filler episode, but I’m not mad at it. I just want a little more action, less talking, and less explanations. Yeah, and less simpering.