Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Filler Fight Leads To Crazy Kiss Reaction

Chainsaw Episode 7 Filler Fight That Lead To 16 yr old METOO チェンソーマン Denji vs Eternity Devil felt rushed. The filler fight lead to a 16-year-old dealing in nonconsensual actions with grown women. SKZ | ShounenKnightz Low Edit Version #chainsawman #chainsawmanreaction #chainsawmanepisode7 #anime #reaction SKZ | ShounenKnightz

Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Highlights

Chainsaw Man Episode 7: Denji fights the Eternal Devil and the battle is interesting because Denji can reciprocate the damage done to him and give the same energy back to the Devil. The fight was so long that it took three days for the animators to animate it.

They didn’t give us the courtesy to animate the spectacle. The potential of a great fight was rushed for a bar scene where Denji wants his kiss from Himeno, who is embarrassed at the time and proceeds to get major wasted. During the bar scene, we learn the protagonist is 16 years old. Unknown to him and the audience, he would get the kiss, but he would also get puke in his mouth.

Later in the episode, Makima wonders where Denji is, but he has been kidnapped and is in the bedroom of a drunken Himeno. After watching shows like Gantz, Desert Punk, and Evangelion, Chainsaw Man took it to the next level. Everything here screamed nonconsensual, but at the end of the episode she asks him, “Do you want to do it?”

Episode 8 prediction: he will probably chicken out and fall asleep.