Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers Is A Weird Movie

Chip 'n Dale

Chip ‘n Dale Plot

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is an origin story of the childhood friends turned actors for a popular TV show by the same name. As with all group stories, the gang breaks up. Years later Monty is in trouble. It’s up to the Rescue Rangers to save one of their own.

Characters/ Roast

Dale (Andy Samberg) in this version is a loner who met up with Chip and became actors. The show was canceled sometime after, but he still makes appearances at fan conventions where he can talk with other misfit characters. I’m grateful the movie didn’t go with the cartoon version of his voice (that would’ve been hell) I was expecting goofy, not Saturday Night Live.

Chip (John Mulaney) is the brains of the team, after the gang split up he lives life as a boring salesman until he receives a call and slowly becomes a rescuer (for real this time). The character mold fits him like a glove, but not the voice actor. Every time he spoke, I was reminded of Big Mouth’s Glouberman.

Gadget (Tress MacNeille) and Zipper (Dennis Haysbert) becoming a couple and having offspring was disturbing and brings up a lot of questions. I guess the chipmunks weren’t interested like they were in the cartoon.

Stinky Pete and Gang are surprising, a criminal organization that turns beloved toons into bootleg monstrosities. Led by Peter Pan and not the mean dog-faced creature from Disney features. Maybe they’re trying to tell us that when escapism crashes, people will become terrorists. Detective Putty turning out to be a dirty cop was hinted at earlier in the movie and was predictable, let me know the studio wasn’t trying.

Chip ‘n Dale Thoughts

As a child, I never would have thought that the chipmunks were actors. Instead of getting a real adventure or leaving well enough alone, Disney+ decided to release a reboot they call a comeback. That didn’t really hit its mark. This movie reminds me of Who Framed Roger Rabbit with meme-worthy moments. This film had so many cameos, including “ugly sonic,” that I’m convinced Disney owns everything or is skating copyright laws.

Technology has come a long way. CGI toon shading really made certain 2D characters stand out. The uncanny valley scene was fun. Elements in this movie would have worked well somewhere else, but this movie insulted clichés and then proceeded to do them. Don’t worry, I don’t like old cartoons rapping and ending credit theme remixes either.

This movie is a 3.5 out of 10

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