Dave Chappelle The Closer Review

Dave Chappelle has done it once again, The Closer his latest outing on Netflix (maybe his last.) He has stated it in this special it will be his last for a while. The once Comedy Central comic that turned down a 50 million dollar bag is superb in this special. The special has it all; bigot jokes, controversy, and thought pieces. This review wont do it justice but those that have a weak stomach aka Trigger Warning. This may not be for you, he touched on Da Baby, Space Jews, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Dave Chappelle The Closer Thoughts

The story with his late friend R.I.P Daphne Dorman shows the range of depth he has. From class-room jokes to ones that actually make you think. Dave Chappelle’s Closer is one that you should check out. Before Cancel Culture takes it down.

This special is a 8 out of 10
Jokes I liked “I am the Magic Johnson of the Coronavirus”
“Clifford The Big Black Nugger
“Tenderized those Titties like Chicken Cutlets; Whooped the Toxic Masculinity out of that Chick