David Corenswet Superman Suit: A Disappointing Reveal

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Yo, so we got the new image of David Corenswet as Superman, and I’m not liking this whatsoever. The suit is too damn baggy. How the hell did DC nail the Blue Beetle look, but when it comes to the Blue Boy Scout, the Man of Steel, he looks like he’s skipping arm day and leg day. He’s pulling on these big-ass boots—not Ugg boots, but Astro Boy boots. This is what it looks like—it looks like that trend a while ago where everybody wore those big-ass Astro Boy boots, but Superman is late to the party.

Then, look at the “S.” What kind of “S” is this? What kind of sad, depressed, anorexic “S” is this? Oh my gosh, I’m sure someone with OCD is going to trip out over it. It doesn’t even look like an “S”; it looks like a line. Something is off with the hairstyle too. He looks like, I don’t know, a military dude. He doesn’t look like Superman; he looks like someone who found the Man of Steel suit and is trying it on.

Right now, we see all this supposed epicness in the background. What’s that supposed to be? Brainiac? Parasite? I don’t know. I don’t get it. I don’t feel it. With Superman, you know this guy is supposed to go to a phone booth and change just like that, like he does the Wonder Woman spin and transforms in a snap. But right now, this looks like some damn cosmic makeup, like he’s on some Sailor Moon type stuff. Yeah, Adult Swim did that. It’s crazy how they’re softening and wet-wiping Superman right now. So, this is David Corenswet as Superman, and I’m not digging the suit.

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