Evil Captain America New World Order Now Titled

Captain America Brave New World Youtube Video

Controversy surrounded the name Captain America New World Order caused Disney to backtrack and rename it Brave New World. However, the new name Brave New World is not an improvement. It is derived from the 1931 book by Aldous Huxley. In an unexpected move, Marvel Studios introduced the concept of the “Illuminati” within the framework of the Multiverse. Now, Brave New World Order. It seems that society is rapidly declining. Youtube Link

Captain America Brave New World Captain America Brave New World
Captain America Brave New World Captain America New World Order

Captain America Brave New World Transcript

Welcome to Knicement! I sensed a disturbance in the force. I felt that something was amiss, something was terribly wrong. It could have been my bowels, but beyond that, I sensed that something was off. Recently, Marvel Studios, a part of the Disney MCU, released an image featuring Sam Wilson, also known as Anthony Mackey, and I believe Thunderball Ross, portrayed by Harrison Ford, in the thumbnail. I won’t include it here, but you can easily find it.

I’m certain you’ve either seen it or will see it. The images I have displayed here are more fitting because I already know what direction we’re headed in — into the fluff. They’re going to rename the Captain America title “New World Order” and instead call it “Brave New World.” In our current climate and the times we find ourselves in, one might expect it to convey something pleasant, warm, and aligned with social justice warrior (SJW) ideas. However, in reality, they’ve simply swapped one name for another. So, think about it. “New World Order” is a name associated with evil, with eVil.

So, they exchanged one name for “Brave New World.” When the devil reveals itself to you, would you prefer to see the devil in its true form or wearing an Easter bunny mask? I’ll let you ponder that question.

“Brave New World” is a book written in 1931. For those who are not familiar, for those who are unaware, the general public might think that changing the title from “New World Order” to something softer and kinder implies that it will involve a multitude of people with vibrant hair and similar elements.

I’m not entirely sure, but we have seen in “Multiverse of Madness” that they introduced the Illuminati. With these developments, they merely replaced one powerful title with another that may not sound as negative, but is equally disturbing and chaotic for those in the know.

As I mentioned earlier, the book “Brave New World” was written in 1931 by an English author named Aldous Huxley. It delves into topics such as conditioning of the human mind and social engineering, often drawing comparisons to George Orwell’s “1984.” The madness is about to reach its peak. As Michael Keaton once said, “Wanna get nuts? Let’s get nuts.” We are about to experience the chaos of the Brave New World.

I have created a video, which you can find around here, where I discuss how Marvel, MCU, Marvel Studios, or Disney are conditioning people to prepare for an upcoming system. So, I wanted to share this with all of you. Some may appreciate the name change and the direction it’s taking, while others are readying their bug-out bags, bunkers, and preparing for what’s to come. Whatever path you choose, I am merely a messenger, and now I will bid you farewell. Peace.

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