Evil Dead Rise Movie Review: Trash Or Watch It

Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise Plot focuses on a who young woman visits her sister’s home and the seemingly normal family reunion turns into a hellish nightmare. Due to a teen discovering the Necronomicon and unleashing its evil upon her family and the surrounding occupants.

Evil Dead Characters/ Roast

Beth (Lily Sullivan), a traveling band member, discovers that she is pregnant and visits her sister’s home in hopes of being able to stay with her for a while and help decide the fate of her unborn child. As fate would have it, this would be the night that things go to hell. Beth was written in such a way that she was beyond a failure. There were too many instances where the audience knew she didn’t deserve to still be alive, yet she was still breathing. Signs and warnings were there, but she kept walking right into them. The plot convenience was very strong with this one.

Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland) portrayed the older, responsible sister with teenage daughters who may or may not be struggling financially since she broke up with her husband a few months prior. It was nice to see the burden of dealing with a family facing hard times while still doing the best one can, but it was pointless because the trailers kept showing her possessed form. Hinting that she wasn’t going to make it, the spirit took over her body; unlike in previous versions where the camera showed a first-person view stalking its prey, this time around the spirit tortured her before taking over her body.

Traces of her were still alive because she gave a grave warning to her sister before she passed away, lying in her own vomit. Part of me feels the vomit scene wasn’t necessary, yet the filmmakers wanted to show as much body fluids as possible. That should have let me know where this movie was headed.

Bridget (Gabrielle Echols) was the tomboy of the household and the voice of reason. After her sibling Dan found the book. She saw the teeth guarding the book open as it got fresh blood on its cover, yet she let it stay with Dan and didn’t alert anyone about it. Indirectly, she participated in everything that went wrong in this movie.

Danny (Morgan Davies) is a DJ and is the unlucky soul who found and unleashed the Necronomicon via a vinyl record. Any kind of hole after an earthquake is an obvious sign to not explore it and leave it alone. Hanging pendants, a casket, and a statue of “Jesus” falling, causing a jump scare, weren’t enough to scare Dan away from looking. The final nail in the coffin was when Dan played the vinyl record, even after attempting to stop it and it played on its own; that was enough for me to say, “You get what you get!”

There were other minor characters in this movie who lived in the same rundown apartment and later became minions to the demon because, once someone is dead, they come back.

Evil Dead Rise Thoughts

This movie came out of nowhere and needs to go back from whence it came. I don’t remember anyone requesting this movie. I got strong woke, feminist vibes from this movie. Every time I looked at teen Danny, I felt confused, wondering who or what I was looking at. I was disappointed by the last Evil Dead movie because it introduced graphic, under-the-skin horror elements without any of the humor or Bruce Campbell to go along with it. I’m disappointed by this movie too. The opening sequence jumped from 0 to 100 as a demon was floating on the water. That was the movie I would have preferred to watch; instead, they showed the events that led up to it, which was a sad single mother story.

This sequel mentioned that this was the third version of the Necronomicon, which was cool for the mythology and future story-telling, just not for this movie. The people that I rooted for and thought had a chance didn’t make it due to avoidable circumstances. After 2020, if someone is slipping over banana peels, they are NPCs.

Once the phone lines died and they saw that the elevator wasn’t operational, not to mention the stairs had disappeared. They should have gathered supplies and made something so one of the lighter teens or children could escape and get help. The possessed in this movie have to vomit and take death “naps” before they go on a full rampage.

Sure, nobody knew the symptoms of Patient Zero, but when she came back to life the first time, that was the sign to dispatch the body by any means necessary. The gritty old guy with the shotgun had a chance to end it, but he shot Ellie in the stomach. The demon repaid that gesture by taking his life. In the words of Thanos, “You should’ve aimed for the head.”

Beth and her niece take the elevator down as a last-ditch effort for survival, recreating the scene from “The Shining” with blood spewing everywhere. This leads up to the only cool scene in the movie: the demons claw into each other, forming a bloody human centipede reject. The idea had been done before, but I wasn’t expecting to see it in this series. To finish the movie, Beth had to use her inner Ash Williams to rescue her niece with a chainsaw and a shotgun, proclaiming his famous line “Come get some.” This reaffirms that the Evil Dead series just isn’t complete without him.

Evil Dead Rise Movie Score 2.5 out of 10

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