Failed Google Stadia Shut Down In 2023 No Surprise

Streaming platform Google Stadia shut down officially happening on January 18th, 2023. The company will refund DLC and hardware purchases to its users, Stadia will implement its technology to its other services and AR (Augumented Reality) where it sees fit.

The Stadia launched in 2019 and has decided it time to cut its cost . News of layoffs, plummeting stock prices, and hiring freezes is affecting the tech sector, and the Stadia didn’t sell the numbers they wanted. It’s nice for its users to get a refund, but a lot of gamers knew the Stadia was doomed from the start.

Google Stadia Shut down Again..

Stadia’s selling point was streaming games without downloading them. The world of 5G and Web 3 isn’t here yet. Data caps exist and faster internet options aren’t available everywhere. People still rely on McDonald’s unreliable Wi-Fi to make online calls. Playing games at the highest quality wasn’t going to happen.

Limited games was something else it suffered from. None of the games were exclusive titles, it was games that were already across other platforms. This made paying a subscription fee for games that were already out pointless.

The controversy of Alex Hutchinson mentioning “the streamers should be paying the developers and publishers” wasn’t a good look either. These are some of the things consumers noticed on the outside, looking in and not owning the system. Google has been notorious for censoring and other messed up policies in the past, so gamers decided it wasn’t worth the time or effort. Google Stadia shut down was inevitable.

Stadia Summary

Stadia users can’t make any more purchases and have the servers until 2023. Cloud gaming isn’t going anywhere, the future of Web 3 and technology is steadily improving and may not live up to gamers’ expectation.

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