Godzilla X Kong The New Empire Trailer Reaction

Godzilla X Kong The New Empire Trailer Reaction
Godzilla X Kong The New Empire Trailer Reaction Youtube Link

Godzilla X Kong The New Empire Trailer Reaction Dialogue

Whenever you see “Legendary,” you already know what’s up. They’re out here with the damn stenograph or whatever you call this. The hype levels are off the charts – it’s like freestyle freestyle freestyle out here, DJ scratching like bro, we’re bringing a whole hype, a whole Thunder. Look at this, we’re over here with a damn Monster Island, talking about the pyramids, Kundalini energy, big elongated forehead African-Americans – KS, Egypt style. Transformers ain’t got nothing on us, Journey to the Center of the Earth, giant King Kong hand? What’s that, Bumblebee and King Kong making a fusion transformation? And just when the hype is building, 2024 hits – giant pterodactyls, pet trees from the land before time, the big silverback himself.

Yo, man’s out here, jacking, and damn, she got a whole new haircut. She don’t even look recognized. What happened to the Scarizard dude? This does not look like him. It’s a whole different creature, a whole different guy. Look at this, Shadow puppetry, Jiu-Jitsu Kaisen style. Kong and Godzilla making a fusion transformation in his peace? What’s going on here? And just when the hype is building, giant ass pterodactyls, pet trees, silverback Kong. Kong was abandoned by his whole monkey trap. Look at this whole new red ape, looking like a whole different creature. And what happened to the Scar King dude? This doesn’t look like him. It’s a whole different guy.

Witness the rise, the giant rals from Rampage, paper boy witnessing the new mankind with pink Goku Rose. Godzilla in a cocoon, Frozen toxic waste. Godzilla went from blue to pink, Godzilla’s a chica now. Godzilla about to put that wet throat on King Kong’s ding-a-long man.

We got the last monkey, the monkey who laughs, the red orangutan, the red Fanta monster. They’re out here yelling, “I’m the alpha gorilla.” But damn, I’m just not gonna get over this, a full pink Super Saiyan God Zera right now. Can’t do this on his own, needs the help of Super Saiyan Gojira. These dudes are running like they’re in a marathon race. Running like they’re in line for the EBT food stamp line or something. Running like they’re trying to get in line for the damn picnic run. They’re out here running like they’re trying to sit in Santa Claus’s lap or something.

Well, well, well, Samuel Jackson ain’t in this, but Godzilla Kong New Empire King – what’s going on with movies? As soon as the embargo disappears, we get Furiosa trailer, Godzilla vs. Kong, Godzilla Monarch show. Hold my piece, not getting too hyped, but it’s a good year for Godzilla fans. Gotta see it in theaters.

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