Halo 2022 Episode One Is Barely Worth The Wait


Halo revolves around the Spartan soldier Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) who saves a rebel survivor after contact with an alien artifact.

After watching the success of the Mandolorian it was only a matter of time before Halo would be a show and or movie.

Halo Thoughts 

Usually, when it comes to 50 plus minute shows I fast forward a bit. I didn’t do it this time around, I took in all the diversity the show had presented. In space, everyone is a human regardless of ethnicity. As noble as it sounds people would still practice tribalism, it is what it is. Certain content creators have thrown a fit and the nerve to call this show woke. Halo is heavily bland when it comes to characters. The best part is watching them get killed off

The action in this is very nostalgic of the early video game series. Plasma swords, assault rifles, and turrets make a hell of an appearance and caused the only hype moments of the show.

When it comes to Halo you think about the Spartan soldier whose identity you’ve never seen before, well strap yourselves in. Master Chief takes off his helmet! instead of leaving his face to the imagination, his face was shown. Thanks to comic books movies, secret identities are a thing of the past. seeing the face and banking on an actor to have a household name is the only chance a studio has to get numbers.


I played the Halo games when I was younger only for multiplayer, I still don’t know much about the story. So I will give this a chance, episode one wasn’t completely bad. I dont know the full length of this series but if it craps the bed I’m burning the house down with it.

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