High Value Man Andrew Tate Is Arrested In Romania

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been arrested in Romania for human trafficking. Andrew trolled the wrong person at the wrong time, Greta Thunberg. I didn’t know the Manosphere had altercations with climate change activists. Everything about this is mega weird, like watching a bad made-for-TV movie.

Andrew Tate is a social media figure who preaches “high value luxury” while his audience clings to his words completely blind to the difference between what healthy masculinity and a beer-drinking wife-beating idiot looks like. An American citizen sent a complaint to the American Embassy in Bucharest in April this year. He and his brother were under investigation, detained, and released for the same charge. Andrew had the nerve to gloat about moving to Romania in hopes of not being pursued for those allegations. I don’t know why new rich guys think that they can flee the country to avoid justice.

The human trafficking is just one aspect of it, supposedly. He allegedly forced himself on women and coerced them to film content. If that is true and not an “onlyfans” girl wanting revenge. It goes to show how much of a scumbag he is. Placing more value on material possessions than human life. The cars and wealth he owns and having to force himself on women doesn’t make sense at all. One would think he had a harem of women waiting to be in his presence and he can sleep with as many as he wants and not suffer any consequences.

Andrew Tate Thoughts

I don’t follow the trolling between celebrities, but Andrew barking up the Greta tree was dumb. He sent her a picture of him putting gas in his Bugatti and wanted her email. Her response was “Yes, please do enlighten me.” Email me at smalld***[email protected].’ In the age of doxxing and cancel culture, Andrew played with fire and got burned. Maybe he pissed off someone at the top who had dirt on him. People with common sense didn’t gravitate towards him for different reasons, and this adds to it. If he is guilty of the crimes, the social media damage control will be enormous.

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