KamiErabi God.app Impressions: A Weird Watch

KamiErabi God.app
KamiErabi God.app Impressions: A Weird Watch

KamiErabi God.app centers around Gorou, a high schooler whose mundane life is turned upside down as he becomes a candidate and must battle others for the chance to become a god and have the winner’s wish granted.

KamiErabi God.app Thoughts

This anime follows the typical battle royale style, which I oddly enjoyed and watched for some reason. The animation style is unconventional, even in the new 3D anime landscape. It focuses on the main characters in color, while the surrounding characters are portrayed as NPCs. The main character, Gorou, is a traditional oddball who is fortunate to have acquaintances instead of being a loner. A weird app appears on his phone, granting him a wish which he foolishly makes, and he becomes involved in a series of battles. The characters he interacts with are also participants in this game, where only one can emerge as the victor. Some fighters have malicious intent, while others simply want the main character to survive or become his ally. Gorou’s friend, Akitsu, plays the role of this universe’s Dr. Strange, which is oddly sad and cool at the same time. As the main character, Gorou possesses an overpowered ability and a persona called Lull, which grants him The Fool’s Sutra. The theme song that plays when he activates his ability is so captivating that it could easily be used as a ringtone. The only drawback to this power, which I found interesting, is that it enables him to fight stronger foes. However, the twisted fate of karma he will endure in the future includes consequences one wouldn’t wish on their worst enemy. These consequences seen so far include losing six months off his life, losing the ability to get a girlfriend, and even being sent to the hospital without explanation, where he becomes vulnerable to others who wish to harm him. Thankfully, his ally skills are on point, making it challenging for those who truly wish to do him harm. The series gave the illusion that it was going to be a crazy yandere series, with the protagonist having a crush on a butcher chick and another combatant, his video model make-believe girlfriend who is actually a guy. It reminded me of the style of Birdy the Mighty, which made it work. There isn’t much information available about this show, other than the fact that it was created by Yoko Taro, which explains a lot. If there was a manga based on this series, I would definitely read it.

KamiErabi God.app is a 4 out of 10

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