Kanye West Likes Hitler, Guess He’s A Crazy Black Nazi Now

Kanye West Likes Hitler

Kanye West Likes Hitler & Knows Alex Jones?

Kanye West knows how to get clicks, like a train crash it’s hard to look away. Ye was on Alex Jones’ InfoWars, joined by Nick Fuentes. It was a two-hour stream that is difficult to come by for obvious reasons. We really are at a point of no return. Where a “billionaire” gets cancelled and joins forces with other de-platformed individuals. To each their own, it was a few things I agreed with Ye about, Christ is King. Black people, and other races of people, were engineered to think the way they do from singing “I’m black and I’m proud,” dealing with the drug called crack, and referring to themselves as the N-word.

Society is a clown-world but it isn’t a dread-world, not yet at least. Kanye has taken on the persona of “I am whatever you say I am” and are rolling with it. What he said was trolling at best and pushing the boundaries of “free speech” aka the liberties of things people have been granted to say. The tech sector will not let you get away with saying certain things on their platforms, so don’t get too happy.

Kanye West Likes Hitler A Troll Gone Too Far!

In the end, Kanye and his associates are still flying private jets. The message of a clothes designer who wears other people’s clothes and promotes consumerism and lunacy will always get clicks. It was a two-hour show, yet “Kanye West Like Hitler” is the only thing that will make headlines. Anyone with common sense should feel something is wrong, like how PewDiePie started the adpocalypse on YouTube some years back.

“Kanye West likes Hitler” is the only thing this 45-year-old man will be remembered for. His legacy of music is gone now. Separating art from the artist is no longer a thing because he is competing with “content creators” for social media algorithm validation.

Hopefully Kanye West isn’t being used to push an agenda. It seems like Ye’ is a prime candidate to start something and make trouble for a lot of people that don’t have his type of support. It’s possible that Ye’ is still an agent and doing the bidding of his handlers. Time will tell. Something is off when Storm-front “true American” patriots start talking about what Ye said. Nothing about this sits right with me at all, but that’s the world we’re living in. I don’t believe Ye’ is a black Nazi, just a celebrity who wants headlines so he can pay his ex-wife Kim Kardashian $200,000 in child support.

He hinted at the fact that if he were taken out, he wouldn’t be afraid. It’s hard to tell if he’s joking or serious, but for his sake, hopefully he can stay among the living and raise his children.

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