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So, this is the first look at Liam Hemsworth as Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher Netflix TV series. This is season 4, by the way. Why are they still making this? I guess they got the AI, they got the bad writers from “Harbor,” and they can churn out as many seasons as they want. This guy right here, Liam Hemsworth, is no Henry Cavill. He has big shoes to fill. I feel for this man. He’s wearing the white wig and trying to do the menacing face, but it doesn’t work for him. Look at those contacts—they look like the beta eyes from “Teen Wolf.” Y’all remember that show? Yeah, with the werewolves and stuff. The eye colors: red was Alpha, orange was… what was it? Orange was something like the middle, and blue was Beta. Yeah, I’m tripping, but this is the look right here. What are y’all thinking? Are you impressed? I’m not really impressed since they’re changing the main guy, and it’s supposed to be a Game of Thrones clone. Go back to doing what made Game of Thrones amazing. Bring back the excitement! If you’re going to replace the main guy who looks like he can beat anybody and any monster, fine, give us a “pretty boy.” But at least bring back some excitement—and not just with dudes either. Come on now.

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