Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Is Boring


Amazon’s Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is centered on different heroes scattered throughout the Tolkien-verse. Their story will lead them to the evil lord Sauron.


I don’t know where this story takes place and if it follows the books. My opinion/ recap is based from Episode 1 “A Shadow Of The Past


Galadriel (Morfydd Clark) is an elvish girl who grew up into a woman and remembers the light her village had that was soon burned down and led the elves to war. Her brother never came back from the battle. Heartbroken, she wants to avenge his death. A cursed mark on his body that fuels her hatred and quest to find Sauron. Her squad is nearly wiped out by a giant troll, but she singlehandedly takes it out without breaking a sweat. The squad wants to leave, but she gives them a command. They surrender their weapons and tell her she’s on her own.

Arondir the brown sugar soldier elf (Ismael Cruz Córdova) arrives in a tavern and apparently he’s discriminated against because he’s an elf… sure. (He can take any woman in here) Arondir stopped a would-be fight to show he is a saint. Once he exits the tavern, he talks to Bronwyn (Nazanin Boniadi) by the well.

A taboo relationship between an elf and a human is stirring (it’s going to happen eventually) News about the war ending spreads to the elves. They’ve spent the last 79 years at war, and now that it’s over, they can go back to their normal lives. Arondir the brown sugar soldier elf went to the house of Bronwyn the milf, where her biracial son Theo wonders, “What is an elf doing here?” Arondir told Bronwyn sweet nothings, but is interrupted again because a villager needs Bronwyn’s services, one way or another. Arondir and Bronwyn decide to leave on a journey to look for clues.

the ending of the episode zooms through Theo holding Sauron’s sword, Galadriel jumping out of a boat due to her remembering a random conversation with her now deceased brother, and a Harfoot finding a meteor man that fell from the sky.

Rings Of Power Thoughts

I have not read any of Tolkien’s books; I have only seen a couple of the films, including Ralph Bakshi’s legendary adaptation.

The Lord of the Rings, from what I can gather, is a male-oriented epic journey of friendship, betrayal, and war. The Amazon version’s cinematography looks good, but the production looks like a stage play. Everyone either looks dirty or their hair stands out as being a wig.

I don’t care about people of other nationalities being in the Tolkien universe, but this doesn’t feel like Lord of the Rings. It looks like a fantasy story that calls itself Lord of the Rings. For the sake of cash and not making its own lore.

I only watched one hour of the show, but it had less than three fight scenes. That’s not a good sign.

Episode gets a 1 out of 10