Mad God Review – 30 year Stopmotion Nightmare

Mad God is not for the weak

Mad God is a stop-motion nightmare by Phil Tippett, a veteran effects artist. The film was finally completed after 30 years and released to the public. The film features grotesque imagery of men, monsters, and God.

Mad God Story

A gas mask-wearing avatar is lowered down by a shuttle into a mad world. The avatar is led by a decaying map that withers away after each use. The avatar skirts past mutant obstacles and lets the ecosystem balance itself out. The avatar sets a timed bomb before escaping. A mechanical creature creeps in from the darkness and carries the avatar away. The avatar is inducted into the cruel ecosystem as well. This is not the end of the story, but the beginning of another aspect of it.

Symbology of Mad God

The film opens to what one could imagine as the Tower of Babel. A figure is seen on top of it before being struck down by lighting and casting the tower and screen into darkness.

A Bible verse from Leviticus is followed up on the screen afterward.

The Gas Mask avatar is our image of war and sickness

The map could be our humanity and or system falling away. Only to look at the blueprint of what we once were


Baal and Shivah made cameos along with a minotaur, demonstrating the maze in the world. It’s impossible to find a way out because of the “light-bringer” and “destroyer” rule in that domain. “Death” could’ve been the figure on top of the tower in the opening. Cementing no one will leave alive.


This is something to be viewed multiple times if you can make it past the first 15 minutes. A diet of Prometheus and Bob/ Adult Swim has prepared me for this movie. 30 years is a long time on a project, was the script fully complete or made up along the way? The stop-motion and live-action segments worked well together. The film dragged in some instances making me lose interest. Hence the “viewed multiple times” remark. If you like finding deeper meaning in things watch it.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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