Modern Warfare II Has Lost Its Players

Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II has had problems since its release. Glitched lobbies, unintentionally muted party guests, bad spawns, the list goes on. Season 01, Midseason Shipment Map was a map that many players were looking forward to due to its close-quarter gunplay. After playing multiple matches and completing the BattlePass, the urge to continue playing this season is nonexistent.

Playing this game triggered my undiagnosed PTSD like Rambo. Even contemplating launching the game feels like a chore. The run-and-gun playstyle is gone; it’s now like you have to strategically check corners and dark areas for enemy players that like to launch deployable shields and lay on their bellies.

Modern Warfare II SBBM

Instead of playing casual matches to have fun, you have to wonder if the teammates your matched with are competent enough to play objectives and hope they don’t add to the enemies’ perk feed. Skill-based matchmaking has been perfected, so either team can win and cause significant sweaty rage.

Gloating about KD isn’t a thing anymore because even the veterans are struggling against the algorithm. Some gamers have workarounds to avoid toxic lobbies; the popular one is reverse boosting, where you enter a match just to get destroyed so the next game won’t be as strenuous. It’s so bad that people only aim to complete camo challenges not caring if they win or lose the other half of the game like the people they dislike.

Modern Warfare II Thoughts

All of that is on top of if the game decides to run on your platform of choice. Serious issues have to be fixed until that time comes. The only sane option is to unlock whatever skins or operators you want and leave the game. Player numbers have dropped drastically, placing the game at number 6 where the top 5 are old games. The numbers have spoken: if the studio doesn’t change, or refuses to listen to its casual players, it will be abandoned after each season once the replay value is gone.

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