Moon Knight Episode 3: This Is Filler

moon knight episode 3


Moon Knight Episode 3 starts off going into Layla’s back story with her father and how to forge a passport. Giving a glimpse into the black-market life of those that do things their way.

Harrow and his cult have found the grounds that Ammit is buried in and have to dig her out

Mark Spector is performing parkour in Egypt and his connect is killed, a fight breaks out but as fate would have it Mark Spector blanks out taking away from any action or carnage the viewer would being me would’ve like to see.

Khonsu plays with the sky making the gods call for an assembly and put Harrow on trial, Harrow was able to switch the conversation from him to Khonsu avatar Marc and his well-being.

Harrow doesn’t find fault in the eyes of the assembly and they all leave after a Warning was issued to Khonsu

Layla finds Marc in Egypt (you find him this time) and they meet up with a “friend” of hers that has the sarcophagus they are looking for.

The “friend” greets Layla warmly as if they had a past or he wants to taste the berries. Then Layla introduces Marc as her husband ( I know he didn’t want to shake his hand)

Things happen and Harrow shows up only to perform a magic trick then leaves once he leaves Moon Knight and Mr. Knight fight and kill off the “friends” guard ultimately killing Layla’s friendship with the collector. Literally and figuratively

Before the episode ends Khonsu proves he is the mad god (dumb?) he teaches Mr. Knight how to manipulate the sky turning it into a rave party to locate Ammit’s location. The Egyptian assembly kept their word and imprisoned Khonsu which appears to kill Steven/Marc

Moon Knight Episode 3 Thoughts

This episode held back a lot in my opinion, it’s too many things going on and not going on.

Layla’s black market background and knowing how to find people and things. Yet at the beginning of the series she didn’t use those skills to find Marc who wasn’t too far from their old location.

Layla still having feelings for Marc is sort of believable and Marc hiding the fact that Khonsu wants her body I’m not too sure if that’s him protecting her or making sure she doesn’t have access to that kind of power.

Marc is a good fighter but apparently he blanks out and someone besides Steven is committing acts they aren’t responsible for. Comic wise I hear he has a lot of personality’s whichever one that is going beast mode. That persona should get more screen time. I really wish they would stop blanking out the action letting us see the aftermath. Another thing I wish they would stop is letting Steven/ Mr. Knight fight, he is a boring version of Deadpool and that is not a good look.

Harrow is either a genius or everyone around him is dumb (it’s the later) a Human was able to deceive an assembly of Egyptian Gods and find Layla’s collector “friend” sarcophagus.  It’s fair to say Harrows goons followed Marc and Layla but how did the henchmen from earlier know about Marcs Connect to find where Harrow was? I will try not to think about it to hard.

Khonsu is the ghetto god and really wanted to be arrested, maybe he has an ace up his sleeve or he is really is gone mad.

Wrapping up

For this being the third episode it is in filler territory. It has action and fights that have no weight to them other than showing that Moon Knight needs to get out the play pin and get into the ring with an equal. Rumor has it Midnight Man will make an appearance, we will see. It’s a possibility that this show will end on a cliff hanger or unresolved in many aspects. I may change my mind once it’s completed

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