Moon Knight Feels Like It Wants To Be Better

moon knight


Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac) has an alternate persona named Marc Spector that is the avatar for Khonshu and becomes Moon Knight to battle a cult lead by Arthur Harrow for a Scarab that will resurrect the God Ammit to bring judgement on all of mankind.

As of now, Episodes 1 and 2 are out. The series focuses on Steven Grant, a museum gift shop worker who is familiar with Egyptian history. He has a weird sleep ritual where he chains himself to the bed and tapes the door to monitor his surroundings. He has dreams that don’t feel like dreams, but a different life of a different person. The story unfolds and he learns he moonlights as Moon knight and is fighting a cult lead by Harrow (Ethan Hawke) another avatar doing the bidding of the Egyptian God Ammit that wants to bring swift judgement. He wants Ammit to prevent another holocaust, even if it means eliminating the threat as a baby. Harrow isn’t defenseless, as he can summon Jackals from the underworld to do his bidding. Which makes Marc/Steven summon the suit. Marc wants to be rid of Khonshu, but if he severs the tie, Khonshu’s new host will be someone close to him. It’s a necessary love hate relationship.

Characters/ roast

(Oscar Isaac) as Moon Knight is not “comic accurate” (due to the fact that he’s not Jewish) but this shouldn’t bother potential viewers who don’t know about the series. As for Steven, he was a late bloomer with a disorganized life, which he knew wasn’t going well.

(Ethan Hawke) Arthur Harrow isn’t bad so far but with a 6 episode schedule, hopefully he sets his plans in motion soon. How often does he slide glass in his shoe? Maybe he needs a cane due to that.

(May El Calamawy) Layla El-Faouly is Marc Spector’s wife. She is surprised by the persona Steven, and considers it an act. If she was an average wife, losing Marc’s and not being able to find him would be understandable. But with his displayed talents its hard to believe she hasn’t found him sooner?

Disney’s portrayal of Marc Spector taking possession of the body was tolerable in episode 1 to get the point across that things happen when Steven blanks out. Hopefully, the series doesn’t shy away from showing violence. This isn’t Netflix, so I don’t expect mature themes, but at the same time I don’t want the series to be too tame. The same time, some good memorable action sequences wouldn’t hurt.

Moon knight Overview

The suit looks good, I love the differences between Marc and Steven battle attire. One is like Batman while the other is business savvy. Stevens banter with the Jackal could’ve been done better in my opinion. Rolling up the sleeves and taking off the jacket was cringeworthy. It would’ve been better if he was just quiet.

Maybe this show will get better and answer my critiques, maybe not. I will continue watching this, four more episodes to go. This is not a show I would say is MCU build up to Thanos tier, but if you have free time I would recommend it.

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