Morbius Movie Review: Sucks In A Bad Way


Morbius Plot

Michael Morbius has a rare blood disorder that led him to experiment on himself with vampire bats from Costa Rica. The “cure” gave him the abilities of a living vampire but it has a fatal drawback. The same blood condition plagues a childhood friend of his and vampire attacks are happening more frequent, Morbius has to clear his name and put a stop to it.

Characters/ Roast

Mobius (Jared Leto) developed artificial blood the same substance he needs when he became a vampire. or else he will revert back to his crippled state this has to the goofiest convenience ever. This movie feels like it was rushed but rushed passed the good parts the audience didn’t even get a proper cinematic turning scene when he took the injection. The bat research journey to find a possible cure in vampire bats wasn’t explained thoroughly even him being a smart gifted scientist was questionable fixing a machine that should have monthly inspections proves the facility is crap. Jared Leto needs to stop acting in comic book movies, he’s a solid actor in other projects just not anything involving spandex.

Milo (Matt Smith) Loxias Crown is Morbius’s friend that suffers the same condition. once he sees that his friend is changed and wants to be cured as well he is denied and told to leave. In that time frame he must’ve taken a vial to later inject himself, because him suddenly becoming a vampire and killing the androgynous nurse framing Morbius was dumb. Whoever wrote the prison scene where Milo visited Morbius in prison needs to be executed by firing squad. Milo openly attacked the police, proving that blue lives don’t matter. Morbius ran away, letting him get away with it. Milo’s “glow up” wasn’t as effective as Morbius’s, as he looked the same with and without crutches. The trope of the villain and hero being ex-best friends with clashing ideals and the same abilities is overused and bad at this point.


His crippled form and his vampire “glow up” body effect was impressive. It makes one wonder if Leto starve himself for this role or was it a body double like Captain America.

Morbius and Milo were the worst vampires ever, attacking people in broad daylight and on camera. Sure, in their world, aliens and monsters exist, but secret identities aren’t really secret anymore. Maybe in the comics, it’s the same way.

The relationship between Morbius and Martine (Adria Arjona) was obviously annoying and borderline cringe-worthy. The characters with “M” names in this movie are so dumbed down that this movie is really a children’s film.

I thought the Agent Rodriguez subplot was terrible and there should have been no appearance by The Vulture. Sony’s “villain verse” makes no sense, but I got a kick out of the “we are venom” line because it seemed to come so out of nowhere.

This movie is a 2 out of 10

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