My Adventures With Superman: A Fresh New Take on the Man of Steel

My Adventures With Superman is the origin story of a young boy from Krypton transforming into Superman to protect his new home and loved ones from evil. The new two-part series premieres on July 6th, airing on Adult Swim and the following day for HBO Max users.

My Adventures With Superman

My Adventures With Superman Thoughts

It’s too early to make a definitive judgment, but the animation style reminds me of “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” so I’ll give it a chance. Although it seems like a familiar retelling of Clark discovering his extraterrestrial origins, adapting to his newfound abilities while safeguarding his identity and those around him, the inclusion of a young, tan version of Lois Lane, a melinated Jimmy Olsen, and Perry on the Daily Planet team adds variety. The show might follow a villain-of-the-week format or be well-structured enough to incorporate various villains.

I will provide a review once the show finishes. One particularly unique and cool aspect was the Henshin Sailor Moon-like transformation, where light materializes Superman’s suit out of thin air. These subtle differences pique my interest. Since Adult Swim is involved, I am anticipating the possibility of profanity or off-the-wall concepts that we haven’t seen before with the Man of Steel. Only time will tell if that expectation will be fulfilled.

My Adventures With Superman Update

Episode one debuts with a young Clark learning about his abilities. Years later, as a young adult, he becomes roommates with Jimmy and they, along with tomboy Lois Lane, get ready for the day. Clark’s attempt at flirting with Lois backfires, due to the store owner putting him in a bib and appearing as a big baby. Despite trying to fit in as a human, Clark continuously breaks or tears things due to his unawareness of his own strength.

The trio is introduced in Perry’s office, where Lois and Clark reunite. Perry expects them to become better interns, but Lois has different plans. Her arrogance to appear on the front page of the Daily Planet leads them on a quest for clues, with Clark mistakenly believing it’s what Perry wants. However, Clark receives a call from Perry and learns that his job is at stake. Frustrated, Clark reverts to his country bumpkin persona, confronting Lois about her alleged dishonesty.

Lois storms off with Jimmy, only to stumble upon an armed robbers’ scheme involving military-grade robots. Clark, receiving a tip about their danger, rushes to save them. After faking an injury, he dons a suit to conceal his identity and engages in a battle against a giant robot. The effort and struggle he faced to defeat it are insane. The arms dealer releases more robots, posing an even greater threat. Before Clark meets a crushing fate, Lois discovers the buttons that can deactivate the robots. She manages to disable a few, but the last one destroys its own shut-off button. With Lois in imminent danger, Clark summons lightning from his body and delivers a powerful blow, sending the robot flying.

The unidentified Superman saves the day, leaving the trio with only blurry images to report to Perry. Lois is determined to find the real Superman and secure an interview with him, making it her new mission.

Episode 2 begins with the reappearance of the arms woman, who finds herself pursued by shady government figures. Lois introduces Jimmy and Clark to their unofficial office, where they can strategize and gather more information about Superman. However, Clark suddenly fakes illness and leaves to visit his parents and the spaceship in their yard. As Clark delves into his origins and seeks to understand himself better, he unearths the buried spaceship that once frightened him as a child. There, he reunites with his father, who shares his origin story and gifts Clark with the Superman suit. Martha Kent makes some alterations to the suit because why not.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Lois discover the lair of the arms woman and realize it is rigged with bombs beneath the city. Before chaos ensues, Clark receives a call from Jimmy and rushes to the scene to save the day. A fight breaks out between the arms woman and a shady FBI agent, during which she reveals a suit that harnesses electricity. Superman intervenes, engaging in a battle with the woman, who goes by the name “Livewire.” Just when Livewire seems to have the upper hand, the FBI agent’s interference leads to an incident causing her to absorb the electricity and transform into a meta-human. Superman seizes the opportunity to grab the gem on her back and catches glimpses of Kryptonian ships and a portal. Realizing the danger, he destroys the gem, subsequently cleaning up the city. To his surprise, both Livewire and the FBI agent vanish. The episode ends with Livewire detained and being questioned about Superman.

Episode 1 & 2 Thoughts

My initial impressions of the show, since it aired on Adult Swim, were surprisingly positive. Despite the station’s history of airing edgier shows like “The Boondocks,” “Venture Bros,” and “Aqua Teen Hunger Force,” this DC show is quite tame and almost kid-friendly. Adult Swim may have a potential hit on their hands.

The show evokes nostalgia for the 90s “Superman: The Animated Series” but with some notable differences. Perry’s job threats to the characters may not be a recurring theme since it’s hard to find young people willing to work for a newspaper at a time when social media dominates. However, it’s more believable for Lois to be an influencer or have her own news blog, in my opinion.

While the race-swapped character of Black Jimmy Olsen doesn’t bother me, it would have been preferable if he and Black Melinated Perry were distinct characters with separate names. I genuinely hope the show develops its own unique lore and doesn’t become a mere clone of “Superman: The Animated Series” in anime form.

Based on what I’ve seen so far, Clark possesses lightning abilities, his father speaks a different language while wearing an eyepatch, and Lois Lane has a tomboyish appearance. That’s enough to pique my interest. The episodes are definitely worth watching, and I recommend checking them out.

EPISDOE 1 and 2 rating 5 out of 10.

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