Netflix Cowboy Bebop Review Flop

Another failed Live Action attempt that doesn’t go out on a bang.

Netflix Cowboy Bebop Review: The series follows the unlikely team up of Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, and Faye Valentine. Space bounty hunters aboard the ship Bebop, the more bounties they run into the more they are confronted with their dread from their past. Each of the trio has their own traumas, betrayals, and scores they have to settle. Space just isn’t big enough for all these cow-pokes.

Netflix had the ball all they needed to do was shoot; but instead, they threw it to ball stomping man bashers. Netflix is a cliche of its own.

  • Man in a dress 🚩 Same-Sex scene 🚩 Series ending horrifically 🚩  

In 2022 strong female lead and competent male characters can exist in the same space. (I guess not)


Spike Spiegel (John Cho) biggest sin was not pursuing being an Action star. Instead of wasting his time in stoner comedies. I could’ve believed he was capable of fighting. Old man Cho still got some moves, the camera work on the other hand made it look to slow. The choreography they gave him is like an old wannabe Shaw Brothers style. It looked like he has the same limited move set in a video game.

Jet Black (Mustafa Shakur) reminded me of Scar from the Lion King only with a shaved head. The “race” swap thing wasn’t a deal-breaker for me because he can act. His demeanor throughout the whole series was the same. Mustafa posted online after the series got canceled about filming due to the pandemic and not having enough time. I call crap because the finished product is still bad. All those enhancements and still lost your girls.

Faye Valentine  (Danielle Pineda) I wasn’t impressed with her performance. She reminded me of Olivia Munn, an unfunny woman that flies by the seat of her drawers by being bang-able. Even with the “male gaze” the writers killed this character in the Live-Action Adaption. Having gap teeth isn’t that sexy.

Vicious looks like a Cuban dressed up as Virgil from Devil May Cry, he had to many speaking lines. He only should’ve spoke when he had too, constantly being “G” checked by your underlings is a Beta move. Him being chained up in the dungeon waiting for a bullet to enter his head is cold blooded.

Highlights Of Netflix Cowboy Bebop

Listening to the original music by Yokko Kano was a blast and really set the mood for me to re-watch the anime series. Listening to the music while watching this didn’t do it justice

The series had a few decent fight scenes but drowned it out with everything else. The season ended on a bitter note and had the nerve to tease of a Season 2. Scenes that needed to be cool came off cheesy, lame, and uninspired. Like watching a Virtue Signaling Noir, narrating how cool your half shaven color hair is. Will only leave crickets.

2 out of 10 for me.

Netflix Cowboy Bebop Review

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