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By the power of Grayskull, I have the power of myth! But anyway, look at this guy right here. This is Nicholas Galitzine, or however you say his name—hopefully I didn’t butcher it. He’s an English chap, and he’s going to play He-Man, or Prince Adam of Eternia, the guy on the right.

Looking at this guy, he’s got the chiseled chin, and the Jason Momoa eyebrow thing going on. So far, he looks the part, but he’s going to have to pack on some muscle. From what I gather, this is supposed to be a Netflix project.

Look at this small, scrawny dude. He’s wearing something that looks like what Prince Adam would wear—flamboyant and fabulous. He’s going to transition into this hunk. It’s crazy because I was thinking maybe they’re trying to do an Ezra Miller thing, where the guy just has black hair the whole time versus the original blonde look from the comics. But this guy can pull off different hairstyles, so that’s not my concern.

I’m more curious about the tone of the show. We’ve seen how Netflix handled the animation property, so with live action, this guy not only needs to bulk up, but I’m also wondering what his homegirl is going to look like. And what about Cringer?

I was listening to Cringer talk in the animated version, and he sounds so timid. I’m scared he’s going to say something like “I like fish.” Like, no one cares, Cringer! But He-Man was so funny in the animated version. I was watching the He-Man and She-Ra series from the ’80s on YouTube and couldn’t stop laughing. It was like, is this what drugs look like?

People have said it looks very homoerotic—an Anglo-Saxon with a ‘T’ on his chest wearing nothing but briefs and boots, all oily and greased up. It screams YMCA. But hey, this is He-Man, and this is the guy who’s going to play him. I’ll probably check it out; I’m interested to see what they do with it.

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