Onimusha Netflix Review: A Boring Samurai With Missed Opportunities

Onimusha tells the story of Miyamoto Musashi, the legendary swordsman who duels demons, also known as Genma, in his quest to stop the reign of an evil lord.

Onimusha Thoughts

Onimusha is based on the Capcom video game of the same title. I’m glad to see it hasn’t been forgotten, but the story itself is somewhat forgettable. It follows the familiar theme of the end of the samurai era, focusing on an older warrior named Miyamoto Mishayshi who possesses an oni gauntlet capable of devouring the souls of demons. However, the cursed gauntlet is incredibly powerful, and if the operator isn’t careful, they too can become a demon.

The journey he embarked on with a group of men to defeat the evil lord Lemon convinced me that not all of them would make it back alive. Each episode features intense battles with different Genma, resulting in the loss of companions’ lives. The series even added a subplot of rescuing a little village girl to earn more praise.

Japanese lore involving the supernatural and demons is quite familiar in the anime scene, and it has been handled much better in other series. The sudden goal of the villain, Lemon, to delete samurais with Genma and start a new age came out of nowhere. The limited episode run didn’t properly develop Lemon or explain how he obtained the power to use and control Genma. The fact that he is tied to the group of men traveling with Miyamoto is rather lazy.

What’s even worse is that Miyamoto’s rivals were brought back to life with new abilities just so he could defeat them again. The only redeeming aspect of this series is its 3D animation style, which helped the animators save time. While Netflix is on a crusade to adapt video games into anime, this particular series falls short of being a hit. It is baffling that they changed the original protagonist, Hidemitsu Samanosuke Akechi, to an older Miyamoto Musashi, thus alienating any ties to the original.The fights are forgettable, the characters feel like stale, copy-paste stand-ins, and the villain is rather lackluster.

As someone who didn’t have the opportunity to play any of the Onimusha games as a child, this representation did the opposite of sparking my interest in playing them.

Onimusha is a 2 out of 10

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