Peacemaker Is Odd, Outdated, But Ok

Peace you didn’t ask for


Peacemaker Summary

Peacemaker (John Cena) is an ex Suicide “anti-hero” who will achieve peace no matter the cost of countless lives it takes in the process.


As of now Episodes 1-4 are out. HBO Max states it will be an 8 episode run. 4 episodes in the plot is sketchy, Peacemaker and his crew go up against Project Butterfly. “Alien” butterflies that take over your brain.. I think.

Characters/ Roast

Peacemaker surviving a bullet to the neck and falling debris of a building from Starro is the most American thing ever. You can tell he is from a time where saying racially inappropriate things wasn’t a problem. (maybe even encouraged) the fact he had a conversation with a janitor that graduated from M.I.T are two issues amongst themselves. 

1 the American system makes debt slaves

2 don’t just massacre minorities, do the same to white people.

When the time came for him to execute the whole “men, women, and children” part. He choked, that was so lame. The series acts as if they want him to have redemption, like everything he did to get landed in prison can be wiped away clean.

White Dragon Peacemakers strict father a White Supremacist. From the Suicide Squad I imagined someone bigger. The Terminator 2 villain isn’t bad, he also makes Peacemakers helmets. I’m waiting for the part where they reveal white dragon is a Neo-Nazi that was offered the opportunity to come to America as a “scientist”

Vigilante takes out criminals and low-level thugs. With an upbeat attitude. Imagine Rorschach from Watchmen meets Kick-Ass. While Peacemaker does what he wants for “peace”. Vigilante does it because it’s fun. His alter ego is passive aggressive nobody that works a retail job. Wearing a mask allows him to be free. When Peacemaker couldn’t shoot “evil” kids Vigilante took over and showed Peacemaker how it was done.

Peacemaker Overview 

This is very James Gunn, very Traumaville. If you enjoyed the Toxic Avenger you will love this. The humor feels very outdated Often times immature with boobs and blood like it’s from the early 2000s. A time where if you had a one night stand you have to dispose of the woman later type of deal. Where Peacemaker shines is the references to the obscure comic lore/ characters scattered throughout the DC Universe. 

The show hopefully will gain some speed (or suck terribly)

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