Peter Pan And Wendy Was Bad But For Other Reasons

Peter Pan And Wendy

Wendy is a young girl who doesn’t want to enter womanhood; she still plays childish games with her brothers John and Michael. This attracts the attention of Peter Pan, and with the magic of Tinker Bell, the siblings are taken away to Neverland, where they battle pirates and the main captain, Hook.

Characters/ Roast

Wendy Darling (Ever Gabo Anderson) is a young girl who doesn’t want things to change; she wants to remain young, careless, reckless, and irresponsible. If there was ever a moment to associate with Wendy, this wasn’t it. Wendy started the movie by breaking a glass and immediately blamed her brother. The mother then talked to her daughter and reminded her that she should set a good example for her brothers; however, that did not happen in this movie (spoiler alert). Even when Peter showed up and gave her a cheat code to fly, she kept getting in front of him as if she was going to lead them to Neverland. Once they were in Neverland, it didn’t get any better, and she complained the whole time there. It hadn’t even been a full day and she wanted to go back home to see her mother; it just goes to show that giving certain people what they want isn’t always good for them. Any sort of juvenile “crush” energy for Peter is nonexistent. She literally envisioned a future where she was a single old cat lady on a couch. Wendy had a few fight scenes where she was more powerful than Peter was, building upon the actress’s future arc. I didn’t know until I looked her up, but she played the young Natasha in Black Widow and her mother is the legendary Milla Jovovich. She is definitely going to be an “action” star if her parents have anything to do with it.

Peter Pan (Alexander Molony) is the boy who never wanted to grow up. He follows the same script that hints at different aspects of his character, but the writing magnifies it well as he chases his shadow .He stalks and kidnaps children, then has an attitude that you should be grateful for being chosen to be brought to Neverland. His resentment issues are shown when, if no one wants to share in his great adventure, he just wants to banish and cut ties with them. Traits of a very toxic relationship include a lack of emotional maturity and an inability to sense intruders. Somehow, Peter sensed an intruder and hid on the ceiling, giving him an edge. One way or another, he came down prematurely and got slashed across the chest, sending him several stories to the ground. Since his name was in the title, he wasn’t down for long; his shadow visited Princess Tiger Lily’s tribe for aid. The final battle starts and he joins sometime after Wendy has already led the charge. Since Peter lacks pixie dust, he cannot fly, so he jumps off of Tiger Lily’s horse, which was on a cliff, onto the floating pirate ship. Some pseudo-romantic dialogue between Hook and Peter is tossed around, like, “Life without you takes the fire out of getting out of bed.” One could only imagine the same battle with no possible ending.

Peter then changed the script and broke the cycle, telling Hook he was sorry and that he had been wrong for what he had done to him years ago. Before the movie ends, Peter takes all the Lost Boys to the Darling household and reveals that he used to live in that house because the chimney had his name carved on it. It makes one wonder how the writers let the creepy undertones slide.

The side characters in this movie were John, Michael, Tinkerbell, Princess Tiger Lily, and the Lost Boys. John and Michael are not too different from their past versions. Tinkerbell, with her light complexion and Middle Eastern descent, was getting bashed. Apparently, it is an unwritten rule that immigrants in society should still only watch movies featuring Europeans. With all the changes that have taken place in society, changing one character’s skin color a character without a major speaking role is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The actress wasn’t fat or hideous looking, so we should be grateful to the casting director for doing at least one thing right. One of the Lost Boys, played by Noah Matthews Matofsky, had Down Syndrome, and news outlets wanted to talk about it like that was new or something. Lost Boys have always been diverse, from the Peter Pan Broadway plays to Robin Williams’ Hook. My only complaint has been that girls are considered “Lost Boys” too. Just as girls have invaded the Boy Scouts and men have competed in women’s tournaments, nothing is sacred anymore.


Captain Hook and his pirate gang are quite similar. This time around, the Darling father and Hook are not played by the same actor; (Jude Law) as the captain was unexpected, but any role is better than no role. In this story, it is revealed that Hook and Peter used to be friends. If one leaves Neverland, even while still being in the same dimension, they can grow old. Hook wanted to see his mother and was banished by Peter, so wanting him gone is understandable now. Hook’s redemption arc made one question if Peter was the true villain this whole time.


This is a bad movie, but not for the reasons that many other people are claiming. Strictly speaking, it isn’t bad based off a Middle Eastern “black” Tinker Bell. That is a super excuse, if I ever did hear one. The movie had a very confusing vibe to it. Was it a stage play? Was it a musical? The camera angles and the framerate in this movie didn’t mesh well. The CGI for Tinker Bell, the mermaids, and the giant crocodile looked flimsy. I don’t know why they didn’t cast a younger Tiger Lily (Alyssa Wapanatâhk) to make her look younger. I guess if she was caught giving boys kisses on the cheek, somebody was going to visit from Chris Henson. Her scenes riding around on the white horse reminded me of Atreyu from The Never-Ending Story, since those are both occult in nature. I didn’t have high hopes for this movie, and I wasn’t disappointed; the “woke” messages were present. Some I couldn’t care less about, while others made me wish certain studios would go bankrupt.

Peter Pan and Wendy score 2 out of 10

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