Prey: Ultimate Alien Warrior Got Beat By A Girl!

A Comanche woman embarks on a rite of passage to hunt prey. Little does she know she’s competing with a predator from another world.

Prey Character/ Roast

Naru (Amber Midthunder) wants to be a hunter and prove herself to a tribe where she’s the only woman hunter. Her journey of barely being able to kill a lion, escape a bear, and getting captured by French settlers but yet managing to kill a predator is mind-numbingly impressive.

Her observation skills with the orange flower herb to not appear on the predator’s thermal detection was convenient. Getting the predator to use its technology to hurt and kill itself is very meme-worthy.

All the men except her brother are idiot bully characters whose main purpose was to weaken the predator or get slaughtered. At the end of the day, Naru became the ultimate predator.

Villians/ Roast

The Predator in this movie must have been the lowest-ranking Yautja they could find. It was weaker and dumber than others that we have seen before. This version’s “threat” indicator leads to the use of alien technology to skin animals and bathes in the blood of a bear. Straight-up cock blocking other predators in the ecosystem.

This Predator felt tough fighting Indians and French settlers carrying nothing but spears and muskets. It was plenty of times he let Naru escape only for her to come back and do damage to it. In this version, the Yautja had a shield, but when it cut its arm off, it proved that it wasn’t smart enough to live. One can only imagine the elder Predators’ face-palming and removing shields from the weapons list.


The men in this movie are not worth the script they were written on. Of everyone in the tribe, Naru was the only one that saw the Thunderbird. Then the Comanche men searched for her only to get beat up. The French settlers got beat up as well.

They were faceless goons for Naru and the Predator to button-mash their way through waves of enemies like a video game. The only man that seemed like a real person was Narus’s brother, Taabe, but he kept getting outdone. His only redemption was to sacrifice himself.

Prey Thoughts

As far as rated R monster movies go, the Yautja was only able to harm men and certain animals. It was pretty tame in that aspect. The Comanche speaking English was far-fetched. In the wild west, animals are a threat, nature is a threat, and the men weren’t so much. I get it that the Predator and woman are supposed to be fledgling hunters that happen to cross paths.

It’s cute, but dumb at the same time. If they just made a solo female warrior predator slayer movie that would’ve been whatever, but then they brought in the Raphael Adolini 1715 gun from Predator 2. I would have ranked this movie a little higher until they did that. I imagined a whole epic battle with pirates and predators. Now, seeing the story tied to Indians is as disappointing as seeing Nick Fury lose an eye to a cat.

The movie is a 4 out of 10