Quebec Unvaccinated Tax Is Significantly Dumb

Ouch Canada!

Quebec Unvaccinated Tax

Canada finally announced that it was going to financially penalize unvaccinated Canadians. I call it the Quebec Unvaccinated Tax. Quit, the “I” is silent.

The Health Minister Of Quebec Christian Dube tweeted “its encouraging!” hours after appointments spiked.

Even though it’s not enough information released, the fine is rumored to be “significant”

The Quebec Government says 90% of the citizens have received one dose of the vaccine. The unvaccinated remain a burden on the public health system. (Really?)

Justin Trudeau still is looking for a way to incentivize the unvaccinated. Good luck with that.

Sounds like it’s time to leave Canada.

Omicron-Delta, Hu, and the other assorted flavors are on the loose. Who is asking for this? The science is telling you, vaccinated are at risk too. So what’s the point?

Life hasn’t gone back to normal for those that are fully vaccinated yet. Most people want this pandemic to be over, it would be nice if the Governments of the World wanted the same.

Removing peoples liberties and lying to them in their face is a bold move.

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