She-Hulk Twerking With Hot Girl Megan The Stallion

Marvel’s She-Hulk is out now, and some viewers are feeling some type of way over She-Hulk Twerking with Megan the Stallion

Megan the Stallion has crossed over into the MCU to dance with She-Hulk. Why? Because that’s what hot girls do. One side of the fandom believes it’s harmless comedic “girls just want to have fun,” while the other side, who have different views, are being called “neckbeards.” Will I talk about this feud of the woke vs non-woke? No, no I’m not. However, my views on this are simple.

She-Hulk Twerking Thoughts

I wasn’t bothered by Megan’s appearance. This shows that the purpose of the event is to “empower women” and it’s a perfect example of how the divide and conquer agenda works. I don’t know what anyone else saw, but I saw Megan’s body was physical, where She Hulk wasn’t. The CGI buttocks didn’t have any jiggle physics, and I wasn’t impressed.

MCU spent money to animate a scene that anyone from YouTube could have made look better. Maybe it wouldn’t have been SFW (safe for work), but I digress. We are at a point in history where having any kind of difference of opinion will get you called a “neckbeard” simply for not following the hive mind.

She-Hulk has always been a sensual, teasing character. Sure, every Marvel show doesn’t need to be dark and gritty, but saying it’s a comedy and three episodes in is giving the writers validation to keep writing low-quality stories. After three episodes of Netflix’s Daredevil, we saw a lot of world-building and fighting. Here, the world-building is already established, so just bring more story and fighting.

The MCU looks like it’s turning into Fortnite with big-name guest appearances and little to no story and replay value. There have been three episodes so far, and nothing major has surfaced. The season is nearly completed, and I plan on watching it when the last episode airs unless I find out online that they messed with Daredevil.

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