Shuri Black Panther Has The Potiential To Be Great

Wakanda Forever’s newest trailer reveals Shuri as the Black Panther. It shouldn’t be a surprise and makes sense. Comic fans know Shuri picked up the mantle for a while in the source material. For those not familiar with the story, recasting the Black Panther was trending a while ago. This may not have been what they wanted, but it should answer prayers for some. I’m looking forward to seeing how Shuri Black Panther will be adapted to the big screen. One can only hope she represents the other panthers before her well.

Shuri Black Panther Divide

Audiences have mixed feelings about the MCU because Marvel has been on the MSheU train all of 2022, where most of the original Avengers have been replaced with females that share their abilities. This movie could fall into the same territory if the production team doesn’t handle this carefully.

The main difference between the two is that Shuri has appeared on screen before and her character can develop. If the writers do their job, this has the potential to be huge and have people cheer Shuri on.

In the movie series, Shuri is a genius who handles the technical side of Wakanda. The audience also knows her as T’Challa’s sister, who told bad jokes. The times we’ve seen her fight, she used projectile-based weapons. The movie needs to show the toll of her losing her brother, learning how to fight, and becoming the Queen of her home country.

No one has a problem with a relatable heroine who has earned her stripes, been in the trenches, and arises victorious. We do have a problem with “magical” women who get things handed to them without showing trials and effort.

Shuri Black Panther Thoughts

Not many people remember, but Letitia Wright had a difficult time on set due to her stance on vaccines. I don’t know how it was sorted out, but I stand with her on that and hope she brings fire to this movie.

Shuri’s Black Panther suit design looks good. It looks better than Namor’s and Ironheart’s suits to be honest.

I hope this movie doesn’t follow in The Woman King’s footsteps. Seeing masculine women and frail, feminine men doesn’t excite me or the audiences that view MCU films. Wakanda Forever has the potential to be the sequel Black Panther deserves.

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