Spider-Man Across The Spider Verse Trailer Reaction

Sony is riding the Spider-Man hype into infinity and beyond, lets go.

Miles Morales gets another outing as Spider-Man in his respected universe, as we know it is other’s. Spider Gwen and Spider-Man 2099 are the only ones we know of at this time, hopefully with a larger cast. Miles is being watched by Spider Gwen in a portal then decides to make her presence know and enters his room. Its played for laughs when we see the slightly older pair get re-acquainted, and she goes through his notebook seeing a drawing of herself where she tells him; she missed him too.

She sits on his window and asks for his help where he replies he is grounded by the animation alone you could feel the tone in the room. She rolled out the window and Miles ran to the window to see a masked Spider Gwen asking if Spider-Man was grounded, needless to say he whatever she wanted him to go he was going.

The next scene shows he traveling to another universe where the animation quality changed and looked even better. While Miles was swinging in the new environment, Spider-Man 2099 came out of a portal and a fight ensued. Needless to say this film looks very promising for 2022 even though its a Part One (please don’t be bad) It looks as if it has a story to tell and will add to the Spider Verse mythos, only time will tell. Next year for movies seems to be very promising.

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