Spider-Man: No Way Home Review-The Better Spider-Man Movie

With Great Power Comes Great Box Office Earnings

Spider-Man: No Way Home
Spider-Man and Electro in Columbia Pictures’ SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME.

Spider-Man No Way Home picks up where we left off in the last film. His identity is exposed and the lives of his friends and family are at jeopardy. Peter is still thinking pre Avengers Endgame and pays a visit to Dr. Strange to see if he can go back in time and make Mysterio revealing his identity a thing of the past.

Dr. strange comes up with a better idea and simple wants to make everyone forget Peter Parker is Spider-Man things go wrong and villains from different Cinematic Spiderman Universes appear and it’s up to Peter to right the wrongs and send them back, can he succeed alone? 

Spider-Man: No Way Home Characters/ Roast: Spider-Man: No Way Home Review-The Better Spider-Man Movie

Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is bland in his solo outings compared to his team ups with the Avengers. (I believe it’s due to the writing) Sure he is a teenager, young people make mistakes but he screws up worst than Urkel and Dennis The Menace. He has had three films and only has made 2 suits on his own, without assistance from an Avenger.

The suit gimmick is played out, why have 6 suits in one movie? TOYS?!?!
Home-coming, Far From Home, No Way Home (Why so many homes?)

Spider Man in the Raimi Saga showed Peter in relationship, financial, and hero issues. Tom Hollands Peter hasn’t been faced with “adulting” yet because of Papa Stark supplying fancy suits. His friends are weird and clingy its like he’s only friends with them to stand out or something.

Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) and Michelle Mike Jones (Zendaya) have improved in this film compared to the first two movies. Ned lost some weight (that wig is still ugly) Michelle actual talks like she isn’t suffering from Downs Syndrome. I would’ve liked for Ned to get into a fight but that didn’t happen. The movie focused on them more than I would’ve liked, the way their friendship ended was if it had no meaning at all.

I want Ned to suffer have suffered battle damage and blame Peter for not protecting him, forcing him to train to be stronger. Something like that would’ve been cool. Instead we get the Teletubby best friend that cant get a girl-friend.

Spider-Man Villain’s are off the chain, even though it wasn’t a full complete Sinister Six. Doc Ock was nice and Green Goblin was savage. Norman Osbourne is too good for Tom Holland, I like how the Lizard and Green Goblin had a tag-team thing going on. Tom Holland can get punched in the face but then start limping. I would’ve liked more fights but what we got from the villains will suffice.


This is what Spider-Man and Marvel fans have been asking for. Studios finally pay attention to social media and fan predictions. A few guest made an appearance here and there some of which I wish lasted longer. This movie is a good time if you don’t think about it to much.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is a 8 out of 10

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