Spider-Man No Way Home – The More Fun Version 11 Minutes Worth It?

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Spider-Man No Way Home – The More Fun Version is in theaters for Labor Day and it has 11 more minutes of footage. Depending on the viewer, the extra scenes may not even be worth it.

Showing scenes in a movie trailer but not releasing it in the theatrical cut only to re-release it as “extended” is a great mastermind plan.

A scene with Tom Holland’s brother as a robber was added along with splashes of Matt Murdock, Peter’s high school, and the multiverse Peter Parker’s team up. Adding minor scenes that don’t improve the story feels like a cash grab. It’s been almost a year since it came out in December, you can read the original cut review here.

Spider-Man No Way Home – The More Fun Version?

This being called the “more fun version” is a letdown, especially with some of the darker-tone villains that appeared in this movie. The story of the fledgling spider “boy” into the Spider-Man story saga has been told. The passing of Aunt May, and meeting his other counterparts starts his new journey where everyone has forgotten him. Thus, he has the opportunity to be the best version of himself. After going through the motions of loss for the third time (Ben, Tony, and May), he finally has the training wheels off.

More fights would have been awesome. Matt Murdock having a few more seconds of screen time isn’t needed, since he caught a brick. The extended scenes could have had more screen-time with the end-credit spider-suit with a surprise cameo from (insert here). I don’t plan on re-watching this movie again just to find the scenes when video-sharing sites are around.

If you enjoy everything the MCU puts out and wanted to explore more of the high school, get more time with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in their Spider-Man suits, the 11 extra minutes is for you.The die-hard, true believers. Maybe if enough of you wish hard enough, Phase 4 can make a comeback with the future line up.

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