Spider-Man No Way Home “Vaccine” Conspiracy Theory

Spider-Man No Way Home “Vaccine” Conspiracy Theory will hold you hostage until you get cured.

Spider-Man No Way Home "Vaccine" Conspiracy Theory
Spider-Man No Way Home “Vaccine” Conspiracy Theory

Jonah Jameson isn’t Alex Jones

Spider-Man No Way Home is caused by the events after Far From Home. J. Jonah Jameson on his “ Alex Jones InfoWars” platform. This movie wasn’t hiding the vaccine agenda it was pushing whatsoever.

J. Jonah Jameson is a “conspiracy theorist” only the Hollywood cliché type. The ones that speak 90% facts about what the Government involves in. The other 10% rambling about reptilians and little green men.

Thus labeling people as crazy or a conspiracy theorist for mentioning the same thing.

Doc Ock was an Antivaxxer

Peter finds villains from alternate universes, instead of sending them back home to die. he is persuaded by Aunt May to “cure” them of their mutations which gave them powers. Dr. Otto Octavius was against the whole thing. He didn’t want to be a “guinea pig” but Peter insisted with the tech Tony Stark to fix them. once he cured Dr. Octavius and nearly cured Electro, The Goblin re-infected them with a “we are gods” speech.

That lead into the highlight of the film where the multiverse Spider-Men met up and clashed against the villain’s not only did they kick some ass; they cured some ass. The movie ended with good triumphing over evil.

To summarize, the undertones in this film made my senses tingle. No Way Home translates to No back to normal unless you get “cured” (vaccine). The Peters from different multiverses made experimental cures for the villain’s. What are the side effects? Do they need boosters? Now where the movie and our present-day society collide is avoiding the obvious. J. Jonah Jameson is not a “conspiracy theorist”. He is a con man; controlled opposition. Someone that only tells half the truth when it suits them.

Ending thoughts of Spider-Man No Way Home

Jameson was hell-bent on destroying Peter that he ignored a giant lizard tearing out of a truck. In the same way, our media is ignoring side effects to push a vaccination agenda. I know I can’t be the only one that noticed a few things and tied the strings together. Perhaps I’m reaching and none of this makes sense. It is a make believe film which is why it would be perfect to put ideas that will influence the subconscious mind. Always be aware of the message that is being pushed.

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