Strange World Is An Uninspired Kids’ Movie With An Agenda

Strange World

Famous former adventurer Searcher Clade and his family enter into the center of the earth, family trauma and more await them in Strange World.

Strange World Characters / Roast

Jaeger Clade (Dennis Quaid) is a lifelong adventurer who lives for thrills, danger, and discovery. He pushes his life onto his son until he snaps and wants nothing to do with exploring. Jaeger is a man who went his own way and got stuck. Once Jaeger and his son meet up again after 25 years, you see how petty and immature he is for abandoning his clients and son like that. It’s funny because after all that time the old man is still doing backflips and stuff like Steve Rogers. He was very welcoming of his biracial, LGBTQIA grandson.

(That’s not strange at all.) The haircut of this character is so generic that even the dog Legend has the same look. Jaeger isn’t the smarter tool in the tool shed if he couldn’t figure out where he actually was and the fact that no one else discovered what they were living on proves how dumb they are. Something this movie glossed over was that when he goes back to his wife (who has since moved on) he is greeted by her and the new husband with a hug. Something about that gave me polyamorous vibes. This indeed is Strange World.

Searcher Clade (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a farmer of Pando, an electrically conductive substance they found on the expedition that split them apart. He traded in the life of a boy adventurer and didn’t do something he enjoyed. The introduction didn’t portray that.It was a time-lapse of him growing up until he had his own teenage son. Everything about this man’s life feels like a waste. If I heard him correctly, he was 40 years old, so the action took place when he was 15. Where he endangered the lives of the expedition crew including his own. His purpose in this movie is to be the anti-Boomer dad that’s accepting, loving, and submissive.

Ethan Clade (Jaboukie Young-White) is a teen who doesn’t know what he wants to be, and he’s tired of his life on the farm. He wants to do something exciting. His potential for the movie was wasted. Ethan was way more adventurous exploring areas he’s never been in before, which didn’t make sense, but it worked out in the end. Disney really had to make hit check marks with this character. Biracial, Lgbt, and confused, one struggle wasn’t enough for this movie. The character designer just threw something together because he looks like almighty loaf in the face.

Strange World
Ethan Clade looks like Almighty Loaf

Meridian Clade (Gabrielle Union) is a diverse farmer pilot who is also a mother. She dances with her husband in the kitchen as they make dinner……. There’s not much to say about her other than she’s just here. It would’ve been interesting to see how they met or where they met. Again, another missed opportunity.

Strange World Thoughts

I see why this movie is a flop because it has too many elements from other movies, like “Discworld,” “Osmosis Jones,” “Johnny Quest,” but pushes “The Message.” The formula is so formulaic that the experience is unpleasant because you can guess everything that’s about to happen. 130 million dollars went to producing trash. Some groups claim that this is because of the behind-the-scenes Bob Chapek step down, while others are talking about its first openly gay character and lack of marketing for the movie. I don’t care about any of that.

The film is just bad I wouldn’t be surprised if some actors/actresses were blackmailed to perform in this very unoriginal, boring movie that even skipped its own character development. The villain in this movie is literally the Caucasian male Clades and the expedition team. Jaeger and Searcher seem pleased to know their legacy will end with them because Ethan is going after man-butt and won’t have children in the traditional sense. The ending of this movie left me with more questions than I needed. Like what exactly were they living on, planet rock?

Movie is 0 out of 10

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