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The Bagel Effect
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The Bagel Effect Transcript

The Bagel Effect was introduced in “Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse” when an Alchemax scientist, Spot, who was also featured in the previous movie titled “Into the Spider-Verse,” was hit by a bagel thrown by the fleeing Spider-Men. Spot underwent a major change, transforming into a threatening presence. The analogy for the movie is that throwing a bagel at a scientist could trigger world-breaking consequences later. It’s a funny yet simple concept that delves into a deeper meaning.

To begin with, Spot is composed of the hydrogen collider and essentially resembles a black hole, akin to a bagel. Black holes are known to cause damage, and the bagel premise played a significant role in another film called “Everything Everywhere All at Once.” In that context, the bagel held a different meaning, but the bagel theme remained intriguingly present.

The movie explores the multiverse theme and its connection to the Butterfly Effect, where a small change in the present can result in significant consequences in the future. This idea is truly astonishing. Moreover, the circular shape of the bagel resembles the ouroboros, symbolizing the cycle of cause and effect, life and death. Fate also plays a part, as altering events may lead to different outcomes, though some fates are challenging to accept. For example, Barry Allen, also known as the Flash, losing his mother is a fate that even changing at a particular time would still occur, only worsened.

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