The Batman 2022 Movie Review- Black Pills To The Rescue

The Emo Batman

the batman


A young vengeful Batman (Robert Pattinson) battles wits with The Riddler that is leaving bodies as a message. Batman must confront the lies and corruption by bringing truth into the light becoming more than vengeance; one that sparks hope. Director Matt Reeves did right by titling this “The Batman” because the alter ego Bruce Wayne barely has a story in this film. His life is so cookie-cutter that he would rather be Batman throughout the entire movie. (I’m not mad about that)


Batman aka Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) matches the aesthetic between The Crow and Watchdogs. With the mascara and “your not my father” attitude. Screaming Emo! This is his second year as the caped crusader pre-supercomputer and prep time. He has binoculars and he watches your every move. The detective work he did in this film was nice but nothing like the Arkham Asylum games. That featured AI reconstructed crime scenes. The fight choreography was WWE-good, but not something you would expect from a martial arts master. Since the supercomputer isn’t built yet, Bruce and Alfred had to solve most of the riddles themselves. Showing just how similar their thought process was.

Alfred (Andy Serkis) anytime Gollum makes an appearance in a film it wins awards and or performs well in the box office. He was more than a butler in this adaptation, shielding Bruce from his father’s past sins. He taught him how to fight, even taking a bomb meant for him. Alfred plays a father and teacher role in this film besides serving tea and crumpets. No Uncle Ben moment.

Catwoman aka Selina Kyle (Zoë Kravitz) a cat burglar with a vendetta of her own. Her working at the club her mother’s killer attends was bold. Also, it equals a great payday when attacking thugs. Whether she was seducing a guy or gal she was cute enough to pull it off. Speaking of pulling it off Batman watching her change outfits felt like a scene in American Pie. Selina’s constant wig changes certify her as a hair weave killer. Her cat woman mask could’ve been better though. For the life of me how can you complain about “white privilege” with a white father?

Commissioner James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright)I would’ve turned in my badge and left a long time ago. Race swapped or not, Gordon cares about Gotham City enough to trust and take it in the face from a guy in a bat suit. Batman telling him he was a good cop was literally giving him a sticker to do the job he signed up to do.

The Batman: Villains

Penguin (Colin Farrell) something about this guy doesn’t look right possibly his height or that he belongs on a plantation. His exterior matching the gritty decayed city of Gotham was a nice touch. Iceberg club must’ve cost a lot of money since half the film took place there.

The Riddler (Paul Dano) is a typical anti-work American male that is tired of the lies and the status quo. He mirrors the ideas that certain guys have but can’t follow through with them. Riddler couldn’t even afford a suit and instead poked a hole through a green bag and put a question mark on a rain jacket. His fanbase in the movie (some in real life too) proves the echo chamber he came from is a real place. A black pilled, nihilistic, enjoy the decline of society mindset. Nothing over the top or cheesy like some of the Marvel Cinematic villains.


The Batman doesn’t have a happy ending or triumphant music in the end scenes. Parts of the city are underwater, martial law is declared, and the corrupt are fighting for power. (Sound familiar?!) the fact that Batman trailed Catwoman to the exit of the city and turned back to Gotham. Displays a never-ending battle and a glimpse into the insanity that may kill him. Not an origin story per se but another adaption to the mythos.

This film gets a 6 out of 10

Spoiler Warning

The Riddler not knowing the true identity of Batman was kind of a letdown, especially after repeatedly bringing up Bruce Wayne’s name having Batman hold his head down. Maybe Rdidfler and his friend will explore that in the sequel.

The bait between the riddler and presumed “joker” better deliver if this is greenlit for a sequel. The Riddler become Hush would be awesome not to mention if Dick Grayson is introduced.

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