The Callisto Protocol Is A Basic 2022 Game

The Callisto Protocol

The Callisto Protocol is an action-packed survival “horror” game developed by Striking Distance Studios and published by Krafton. It was directed by Glen Schofield and others who had previously worked on the Dead Space series. After Visceral Games shut down, years have passed and it’s now 2022. They decided to finally crunch-rush the game after scrapping the idea of it being tied to the PUBG universe and being a successor to Dead Space, and you know what happens? They messed it up!

The Callisto Protocol & Dead Space Comparisons

The setting is in space where you have to fight zombie mutants, your only and best defense is to melee, dodge attacks, and use/ reserve ammo for your fire-arm. The health bar being on the player’s neck instead of the holographic display on the back is a major throwback to Dead Space. The comparison ends here. Callisto Protocol has recognizable actors and actress Josh Duhamel, Karen Fukuhara, and Sam Witwer to provide motion capture and facial animation. Unlike Dead Space’s Isaac Clarke (Gunner Wright).

The combat in this game is not revolutionary, and is quite basic. Engage an enemy in melee, shoot an enemy, dismember an enemy, or use the environment to quickly dispose of them. Try to avoid multiple attackers because you can only focus on one at a time and if you’re close to an enemy with low health, they’ll cutscene end your life. Due to the HUD being small and the “injection” healing time taking so long. Prepare to have some frustrating moments.

The horror aspect is not present in this game. It has some scary imagery and gore, but the jump scares are about it. The puzzle gimmick isn’t here either; the game is a shoot-em-up survival space zombie game that can be beaten in about 12-14 hours for someone that just wants some gore to spice up their day.

The Callisto Protocol Thoughts

The game looks theatrical, and is meant to be played on next-generation consoles, but for some reason people who have spent thousands of dollars on a PC rig are struggling due to the low-frame rate stuttering issues. The game was rushed and lacks proper quality control, like most of the titles released in 2022. Gamers have to spend $70-80 on a game that feels repetitive and can’t be played for enjoyment of the story, environment, or simple gameplay mechanics. It’s a game that can be beaten in a day, so I suggest trying to get it on sale.

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