The Last Of Us Episode 1 Thoughts

HBO’s “The Last Of Us” Episode 1 has been released, and here are my initial thoughts. Having little knowledge of the Naughty Dog game and story, how does the HBO counterpart fare?

The Last Of Us Episode 1

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Story So Far

In 1968, an epidemiologist set the stage for a viral outbreak in fungi that would wipe out humanity and have no cure. Fast-forward to 2003, Joel, his daughter, and his brother were living as a dysfunctional, barely-getting-by middle-class family. Unknown to them, the virus had begun, and the audience saw it firsthand in the elderly neighbor. Things went from bad to worse, as the inhabitants couldn’t leave the highways; airplanes were falling from the sky due to blackouts, and society had shifted.

The good Samaritan is hardly present in the world of 2023. Joel, much older and hardened to this new world he has to survive in, has not heard from his brother Tommy in the last three weeks, leaving him on edge. Now desperate, he takes on a contract from the “terrorist” organization The Fireflies to escort Ellie to the facility, which means leaving the barely tolerable commune and entering the dangerous world of what lurks in the fallen world.

The Last Of Us Episode 1 Thoughts

Episode 1 was decent, and if the show continues in this way, it will be promising. So far, it hasn’t featured people with dyed pink or purple hair talking about woke politics. Moreover, it does not single out any particular group to blame for the apocalypse.Several people have pointed out that Joel has a biracial daughter, to which I respond, “So what?” It is projected that by 2050, most of the American population will be biracial. We should only be concerned with whether the actors match the mood of the game characters.

The inhabitants of this world appear to have actually survived an outbreak; they don’t look like supermodels with long, gorgeous hair or men who go to the gym every day. It’s people portraying something that’s relatable to all of us: the will to survive. I plan to watch the rest of this season and see where it goes from here.

Episode 1 rating 5 out of 10

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