The Last Of Us Teaser Doesn’t Look Exciting

Hbo has released The Last of Us teaser. The series is based off the Playstation games from the same title. Where Joel and Elle must survive humanity and mutated monsters in a collapsed society. I could give a blow-by-blow account of what happened in the trailer, but I don’t think this deserves that type of treatment.

The Last Of Us Roast

News of this show was being hinted at, and now we finally see the end product. A lot of commentators are praising how cinematic it looks and how this adaptation might be the best video game adaptation. Just based off of a trailer from a company that cancelled a Batgirl movie they knew was bad, I don’t think I trust HBO to do this justice.

From my perspective, watching how to survive the end of the world has gotten boring. Watching people raid stores for supplies while battling monsters while your local grocery store is half empty is beyond tone deaf. I know it’s nice to suspend reality and have thoughts about cannibalizing your neighbor, but it seems like it’s going beyond just media and is about to become a training program.

Mad Max all the way to the Walking Dead, it’s something that’s been overdone to death. The only thing true to the game is the clicker; it’s hard to tell if it’s a practical effect or CGI.

Joel and Ellie, on the other hand, look busted up.

Joel (Pedro Pascal) is a tough guy with the mask on in the Mandalorian. Here he looks like a chipmunk, I’m supposed to believe he’s a scavenger? This is not the way

Ellie (Bella Ramsey) I’m not familiar with this actress’s work but she looks like she head-butts clickers for a living. She looks tougher than Joel in this universe. After people watch this, the Rule 34 Ellie fiction will disappear.

My opinion is we saw how they butchered Uncharted. Why bother making a movie or show for a game that has cinematics that rival even blockbusters? The Last Of Us one was good, but the second one had Ellie face off with a female bodybuilder.

The Last Of Us Teaser Thoughts

It’s a lot of criticism for one trailer, I get it. But when you know the story’s ending, it’s hard to get hyped for it. Maybe HBO will switch the story up a little so it doesn’t follow every aspect of the game. I’ll watch a few episodes but will drop it as soon as it gets bad. The show is scheduled 2023.

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