The Little Mermaid | Official Trailer Knicement Discussion

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid | Official Trailer Knicement Discussion

The Little Mermaid Discussion

Hello? Hello. Hello everybody. We are about to look at the Little Mermaid 2023 with the Bailey sister. And here we go with my hands together. Like this bird man. That boy screaming look at young. Hold up, hold up. Is this Ryan Gossman? Go big, go big hands on deck. Swap the poop deck. Go babe. Go big. Wait, br what? What we doing? Play, play. Here you go. That man look like a little young brown golin or something. Ryan Goslin, uh, duffel Ganger or something. Okay. I buried this ship, man. He even called the homies. He just fell up at it. He dropped. Damn. The homies didn’t even come get ’em.

He down in Fortnite and the homies did not come get ’em. This is a whole rando right here. A rando with a tail. Man. She out here harmonizing. She finna get this man that, uh, underwater jungle fever, world class chicken over here. You broke the rules, br what? By the way, whoa, whoa. She like, she ran a bag off his ass. Hold up, hold on. She ran a whole bag. Look at what she got. She got, uh, uh, what is that? A Moroccan T earn. She got, what’s this? Uh, a trumpet or something. She got all kind of magical. Earthly other, other realm. I say other realm, but I’m talking about like the surface word. There we go. Surface world stuff, man. Lemme rewind it, man. She came back like, yeah, Uhhuh. I just, I ain’t got me some stuff. Is that flounder? Hold on, hold on. Rewind, rewind. Say I wasn’t even paying attention.

I wasn’t even paying attention. Is that flounder? Uh, C CGI Flounder. And her top is her top made outta flounder’s Mama. It’s something that they have not told us about yet. Man was drowning. I had To say him obsession. This obsession with this man’s beard, they got the full dude from, oh dude. Know, right? Come. I come from. Why do you ask these questions? Flip the coin. They got whole no country for, oh man. And he’s on papa. Like, I don’t know what people have been noticing, but, uh, let’s run the play. This is like the third time I’ve seen it. And I’m gonna go on ahead and talk about it in a little bit, maybe in a separate video, but I’m just gonna say it now. This is the third time we have seen a Hispanic fatherly type role. Let’s do what I’m about to say. Then I’m gonna go back to Little Mermaid. We got no country for old men. Hispanic guy as King Triton. Okay? Now we gonna look at the TV show that everyone’s talking about right now. The hbos, I was about to say Walking Dead the HBO O max, the last of us.

The Little Mermaid Hispanic Father

And I was about to say Andrew Pedro Pascal is Chilean. That is Hispanic. Correct? Okay. So even though he could be a Spaniard or whatever, but hey, it is still Hispanic. Could be Caucasian, could be, you know, Metizo or Native American. I mean, there’s a lot of bloodlines that go around with the whole Hispanic, but all right, now going away from that. Now the TV show that I’m watching now, don’t really talk about too much. Wolfpack. Wolfpack has a Hispanic ish looking, you know, father, so we about to see some Hispanics, as you know, defense drugs. It takes defense drugs, it takes different strokes. If they remake it, I’m telling you, it is going to be a Hispanic father watch. And it might be George Lopez. Nah, nah, nah. It, it’ll probably be a more, um, European ish looking when someone, when they play it on Telemundo, they’ll actually watch it and won’t complain because you know, they have racial biases. But hey, going back to the Little Mermaid, here we go. Play Run it Back Turbo. I just Wanna know more about them. She wants to know more. Damn flounder, flounder still sound like flounder. I Can help you. You can’t live in that world. You become a human. She got their makeup On’s.

What I live For. Damn. Okay, well I thought they was talking in the works, you know, rumors, leaks and all that. I thought it was gonna be a, a person in drag or something. But it’s, uh, Melissa, Melissa McCartney is I think is how you say her name. You know the fat unfunny chick, like Rubber Wilson. Then she lost weight. I don’t know if Melissa McCarthy or ever say her name is gonna lose the weight, but I mean, hey, here it is. No play. Then she got them feet. Look at watch. Baywatch, Baywatch Baywatch. Let’s go. Something about you seems different. Something about you seems so different. You got legs idiot. Look at she like, I got legs. I can post feet pictures. I don’t see why people are hate. I mean, I know why, but I mean, look at her little button nose. She has a cute little button Nose. You can’t tell me she on a little Caucasian in the face on. I see. Or you get darker. I mean, he doesn’t look. Nah, you no, no, no, no. People hating. I’m gonna play the rest of this trailer, man. He, he coming. I’m not gonna lie.

I don’t like that. Look. Go. Let’s go back. Chardon. Let, let go back. Let go big. I don’t like that. Look right there. Now y’all know what I’m about to say. They got the carriage. She got this whole dress on. They got the hair rag on. This is slave play. You know what I’m gonna say? It is. Slave play. Slave play. Twerk for me Slave. Throw that ass on me. Throw that ass on. On we and Mass Little, we we can’t handle all that me. But anyway, we Go ahead, keep playing. Hold on. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Doesn’t Make enemies. Woo woo. Okay. Okay, let’s say it. Everybody loves talking about scriptures in the Bible. I was looking at Gian talking the low tear guard. As much craziness as this guy does, he wants to start talking scriptures and bibles. All right, let’s say it like this. Why do you want to be a part of this world? You are in the world, but you don’t have to be a part of it. So we already know right here that they do not know scripture. They do not know the Bible. They ain’t about that Christian lifestyle. Not only that, but when we watched the original Little Mermaid, like I, I’m sure y’all know what I’m about to say. In the original Little Mermaid cartoon, they literally had like sex. Same thing with uh, the Lion King. It was like s e X.

So they have these things that are very subliminal that you have to look at this, don’t believe me, look it up. Type in the subliminal messages like S e x that was in the Little Mermaid, okay, boom. We playing s the Little Mermaid May, 2023. The people that’s Hayden finna run it up. They finna run this film up. I’m telling you, it’s something that, you know, I used to be like, you know what? Yeah, I could agree with it. They’re way swapping characters. Oh, you know, let it be the original roll. If it was the original roll, nobody would go watch it. If it was a cute Taylor Swift ish type chick before she hit 30 and she was aeriel, hell, if it was Bee Eilish, it’s Ariel. People would still not watch this movie. It was steel flop. But I’m telling you, since they didn’t put this Halle Berry, I think that’s what name Halle or Chlor, it is twins or they look alike. They got them, they got them jeans, them good jeans where they look like twins. They should have the same mother and same father. I don’t know they lifestyle like that as none of my business. I could care less. But hey, going back to what I was saying, the people that complain about woke, that complain about the great replacement, that complained about the 7 million man, not in the workforce.

The Nils not in the forces of work that are unemployed, living in basements and all that kind of stuff. Not even if they living in basements. Like some guys, they got careers and they’re still talking about, you know, woke woke and replaced and all this and stuff like that. The floodgates are open. People with talent and abilities and acting chops are taking these roles. Now, I’m not saying that she isn’t a diversity quota cause we all know stuff like that exist too. So yeah, it’s like we see what’s going on, but I’m not gonna sit up here and blame Ms. Bailey for auditioning for the role and winning it. I mean, hey, who put the role out there who said anybody can get the role and just wave their fingers and have that magic word to ’em? You know, like Kanye and Kyrie have got in trouble for, so when you find out who does the casting and who’s in control of all that kind of stuff, the people that’s complaining about woke are pointing the finger at the wrong person and or wrong group. So, you know, when you try and make sense of these people, they really do not. And I say these people because they put themselves into that sort of group. So that’s why I can lump them in. Everybody loves saying they’ll put me in a box. But then you identify with a certain ideology, you have a certain haircut, you wear a certain type of shirt, you drink a certain type of coffee. Yeah, you just lump yourself into a group.

My guy or my female, whatever. I don’t take position of you like that. But going back to what I was saying, this movie is finna run it up. It’s going to hit numbers. Same thing with like I said, let’s, let’s bring up the trends. Let’s bring up what we know happens and what we’ve seen in the past. This might, hey, I could be totally completely wrong and this will probably just do a whole just sync. But let’s look at some numbers. All right, so the last, not the last guy Walker, the uh, force Awakens. Yes, the Force Awakens. When Finn came out and he was holding that lightsaber, those boys lost they marbles. They lost they mayo. They was like, it’s no way this guy is a Jedi master. Even though we had Mace window, it’s like, bro, y’all had the baddest mofo of them all. Samuel L. Jackson, he was a Jedi. So Finn being a Jedi, people complained about that.

Really? What? Okay, whatever. So they ran the numbers up on net and was complaining. They got a full trilogy out that movie series and it was Garino, but you know what, hey it’s Star Wars, you know, that’s a huge money maker, whatever. And the next thing I know they ran up. That’s just current. We just keep, we just talking current. I mean we could go do numbers and dig through all those social media and just popular shows that came out that had dark characters and all that kind of stuff. We talking about stuff where, oh that character doesn’t belong there. Velma Dark, Velma Indian Velma, now Velma’s black bruh, she’s Indian. If anything you could say she is uh, hermetic. Yeah, that’s the word I wanna say Ham hermetic. And yes, I’m going there. I just said hermetic. She’s not black bro. She has a darker, he was just like me calling a Slavi U European and an Irish European, you know the word that y’all like to say? The pure the the why. The why. I don’t even like saying that word cuz it is retarded to me.

It is really retarded to me. So if we was using that logic, yeah, that’s not the same type of people. That’s not the same type of group. They have different phenotypes, different features, different bloodlines, different D N A strands Yale. So they ran up the numbers with the Mindy callings Velma. And then I’m gonna hit y’all with another one. Ghostbusters 2016. Yes. Yes. I just said it. I went there. Ghostbusters 2016, they are still talking about that lame movie that came out, what, 2000 12, 13, 14. That’s like ten eight. You if you done had a child when that movie came out, they kid is literally probably thinking about going into middle school now if not already in middle school. So yeah, and Elephant never forgets ment. Epic never forgets. So this movie with what I’ve just said and the background history I have given you all this movie is gonna do some numbers. I’m putting my pinky on that. I’m putting my phone on that. Yeah. So May, 2023 we going see the numbers run up, we going see the numbers run up. I’m telling you, I’m telling you. And if not, I mean hey, I’m just going to cut some fingernails off my pinky and my thumb and I’m gonna continue with how my day is going.

Cuz like I said, I could look at this trailer and be like, hmm, I might watch segments of this movie that are uploaded on YouTube but I’m probably not gonna watch this movie. Now if I get like a request, a paid request or a family member like hey let’s go watch this movie and I’ll pay for your ticket. It’ll be like, all right, cool, we’ll go watch this little Mermaid movie. But if none of those scenarios happen, I do not want to go watch this because I’m definitely not. Well I say I definitely, but I probably will watch that T M N T movie that’s coming out that has the fat April O’Neill. So see when it’s a fat chick that’s of a darker hue, y’all complain. And then when it’s a cute chick of a darker hue, y’all still complain. It’s like, hmm, maybe y’all don’t like darker hue characters that are placing or replacing, excuse me, characters that y’all have established or thought was established. But then when we look at history and then go back, I don’t even want to go this deep into, but I’ll say it right here. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Abraham Lincoln was possibly half a slave he was probably like the Obama of his time. All right, uh, lemme start getting too deep with it. Uh, that’s the little mermaid, uh, little discussion.

You know, I’m gonna have to edit it because YouTube doesn’t like reactions for some reason. Me being a smaller channel and being faceless, they don’t want me to do it. So I’m gonna have to find some kind of way to chop this up and divvy it up so I can upload it. And I get my channel taken now because, you know, YouTube just wants to put their thumb on the small creators. So yeah, I’m finna get up outta here. Hopefully you all enjoy this video and I am getting out Peace.

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