The Matrix Resurrections Review Trash or Watch it

“What is the Matrix?” It’s a question we all have a different answer to but this fourth installment to the movie isn’t it.

The Matrix Resurrections Plot

The movie attempts to piece together all trilogies into this film, Neo is back in the Matrix and has feelings of Deja vu. (Meaning the Matrix has changed something.) The Matrix as he knew it is a game that he designed and was the savior of. In the new Matrix he runs into recoded characters that look different but perform the same functions.

In the real world, humans are still being harvested by the machines as he leaves the pod he realizes that Trinity was in the one across from him and is alive with the help his allies he attempts to get back into the matrix to save her. Will he unite with her and save the Matrix again?

The Matrix Resurrections Thoughts

Notice I keep using the word “prompt”, in programing its code that perform certain features. The prompt this movie suffers from is bad writing and nostalgia riding. More than two decades ago the Matrix was released and was a breakthrough film. Mostly known for it’s fight choreography, special effects, and overall theme to the story. The trilogy (I disown this movie) was completed in 2003.

When I saw the trailer for the new Matrix Resurrections trailer I initially was excited to watch the film because in the Matrix mythos it was the 6th iteration of The Matrix and it destined to rise again. (Life is a big cycle that keeps repeating itself) When I learned the Wachowski brother became a sister I didn’t think to much of it; then I heard plenty of virtue signaling talking points about what The Matrix is.

Then I realized the franchise I knew and loved was gone. How did a story about resistance group that was at war the machines translate to this semi “woke” dumpster fire?

Neo aka Thomas Anderson (Keanu Reeves) learns he has been inside the Matrix for 60 years. We have seen this story before, Neo at this point should be god-tier. I know the filmmakers wanted to show off a few things but I was too through when he had to fight Morpheus in the dojo and fought with a recoded “pretty boy” Agent Smith. The only thing different about Neo this time around is he looks like John Wick and doesn’t have any crazy CGI fights; the film wouldn’t even let a render of Neo fight. Then to top it all off he cant even fly without help.

Morpheus (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) started out as an agent in the opening of the movie as soon as he encounters Bugs and took the red pill he became something else. This version is way out of character; smiling and cracking jokes. Morpheus in the original trilogy was a strong stern leader that encouraged hope. This Morpheus acts like a minstrel and cant fight at all. The way they wrote his character in this film is a parody. He is mentioned to be Nano particles that can go inside and outside the Matrix; though that is a new element to the story I stopped caring.

Bugs (Jessica Henwick) is part of the new resistance and helps put Morpheus and Neo on the red pill path. Her character design matches what this movie is going for. Whenever I see this actress in an action movie I already know she is going to be doing the majority of the fighting. The scenes with her the bums was decent for a streaming show nothing for a “AAA” film.

Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) This time around in the Matrix, she feels something is wrong with the world but her having a family gives her a reason to stay. At the end of the movie Trinity 2.0 appeared and could still fight, she did things she never could do in the previous movies. After watching the movie I cant explain how she became the “one” (religious allegory?) The movie had the nerve to end with her and Neo flying like in the first Matrix movie.

The Analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) The Analyst played a role in resurrecting Neo and Trinity; apparently keeping them close together without being together was strong enough to power the Matrix. What I didn’t under stand was he mentioned it being expensive to keep them alive. In a apocalyptical world I wouldn’t reckon it being a monetary system, his whole performance in this movie is a underwhelming to me.

To answer the question The Matrix Resurrections Review Love it or Hate it? This movie is a 3 out of 10 for me

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