The Pandemic Is Over Because Something Worst Is Coming

September 18, 2022 will be a historic date that we will all remember. Sleepy Joe Biden announced “the pandemic is over, look, we’re not wearing masks, and people seem to be in good shape.” Those weren’t his exact words, but I’m summarizing. His statement on 60 Minutes supposedly caught the White House off guard and has Covidiots scratching their heads.

The same people who voted for him are questioning if this is another one of his famous ramblings. When it isn’t, Joe actually said something I can agree with, it’s half the truth but it was enough to startle the sheep.

The Pandemic Is Over!?

Think about it, for the past two years people have been force-fed a one-sided narrative. They’ve been conditioned to wear a “diaper” on their face (even while driving themselves) and told they can’t go anywhere or do anything unless they have a magical vaccine pass for an experimental drug.

By manufacturers that accept no liability should any side effects take place that cripple or kill the patient

Before I get fact checked, Canada abolished the vaccine mandate as of September 27, 2022. And New York, one of the worst states, is slowly phasing out of it. These last two years have done a lot of damage to people and the economy. The only country still holding onto Covid is China; it’s like they lockdown whenever they feel like it.

Places outside the US have gotten over it and want tourism numbers back up. I’ve noticed a trend of unproductive Americans praying to go back on lockdown so they can stay home and tell people to wear a mask, feeling good about themselves while getting unemployment. That gravy train is gone. And if they do universal basic income again, you might not like the circumstances.

My question for Joe Biden would be for the people who were segregated against for not complying with “the rules,” lost family and friends over an injection, or even lost their jobs. What are you going to do for them? Do they get their jobs and families back? Do those who fell into depression get help or an apology?

The Pandemic Is Over Only By Words

Conspiracy or not, those paying attention and sounding the alarm about what’s happening in the world know that the 2020 phase pandemic is over, but other things are coming. That will make 2020 look like child’s play.

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