The Witcher Season 2 A Huge Let Down

the witcher season 2

Garalt Of Rivia, the enhanced mutant takes on the responsibility of being a step father to the child surprise Cirilla the Princess of Cintra. Garalt is under the assumption that the love of his life (Yennefer) is dead so he journeys with Ciri through the fantasy faire tale world of The Continent. To take her where he believes she will be safe. The camp where he and the other survivor Witchers found refuge. As the story unfolds in The Witcher Season 2 Ciri becomes a key focus to the story.

She is destined to fulfill a prophecy that will bring death and despair to the world making it dangerous for those she cares about. In popular Netflix fashion events build up with secrets around every turn until the last episode.

Season 2 introduces the character Vesemir who is like a father figure to Garalt, Netflix released the animated origin to his story in The Witcher Origin Of The Wolf. It was nice to see Garalt have his mentor and be with the small group of Witchers. The actions that involved Vesemir years ago ties into this season. The ability to produce Witchers was thought to be lost until now. Which is where Ciri comes in, deep in her family lineage was an elf so she has Elder blood which is an ingredient to making Witchers.

One could call it a coincidence but they call it “prophesy”, under the right circumstances Ciri can be the savior or a destroyer of The Continent Sphere.

Characters / Roast

Yennefer if you are hoped to see her undressed it doesn’t happen. Her performance throughout this season was stale. Season 1 was raunchy with her story while season 2 is puritan allowing her to be vulnerable. The fact its hardly any nudity this season makes no sense and the times it happens involves prostitutes and a Bruxa. Guess you cant preach to people with breast’s in the next scene.

Ciri is an Elder which explains her abilities. Watching her attempt to be a “Mary Sue” while messing up and getting bruised is great. Especially in todays climate, greatness doesn’t start day one. Her willingness to prove herself when everyone else wants her to give up is admirable. Even when the opportunity to become a Witcher was an option she didn’t hesitate. (It was dumb) but the thought counts.

Elf Lives Matter! In The Witcher Season 2

Elves didn’t get no respect this season, the way they were mistreated wasn’t fun either. Apparently if people shake at the family tree an Elf is bound to fall out. Anytime the Elves were present I knew it was going to be a guilt trip inducing “do better” moment. Elves in this universe are diverse and don’t have a distinct look besides their ears. A simple hood or hairstyle would fix that. When I want to watch a fantasy epic the last thing I want to watch is a “minority” getting stomped out.

Pacing as a casual viewer that hasn’t read the books or played the games. Things felt rushed, 8 episodes at 50ish minutes is/ isn’t enough time to tell a story that needs to be told. Often times I skipped through the episode’s because needless conversations or diverse characters on screen doing nothing but running screen time. This season didn’t balance what the viewer’s wanted along with the story. Less dialogue and more battles in the field/ bedroom.


Monsters seem about the same, the practical effects for his friend Nievlen the wart-hog man was the best compared to the CGI monsters that are shown this season. Due to the Monoliths being destroyed different breed of monsters were introduced. Things Garalt hasn’t faced before and had to switch up his tactics when handling them. That was cool to watch, overall its something to watch if your bored or in quarantine. Rating: 4 out of 10

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