The Woman King: A Black Panther Slave Movie


The Woman King is a film about the real Agojie Dahomey tribe women who fought against the slave trade. Or so the trailer would have us think.

Black Panther similarities

The film has come under fire for being historically inaccurate and telling an alternate story of the truth. The truth being the “strong black women” that are being portrayed on the screen participated in the slave trade.

So Hollywood has engineered “black” people from loving Wakanda, a fake African country, to now loving a tribe that sold them as slaves. I guess Tristar, along with Caucasian writers Maria Bello and Dana Stevens, thought they could recreate the Dora Milaje and put in some feminist propaganda and they would rake in Black Panther-type returns.

Having women with shaved heads walk around, pounding their chest like gorillas, and yelling “Dahomey!” Hollywood doesn’t know that women are pretending to be housewives and participating in “soft girl era” all while rumors of war are going on. Feminist are quiet.


Only in Hollywood can Viola Davis, a woman that’s close to being 60, complain about.“If you don’t come to see it, then you’re sending a message that Black women can’t lead the box-office globally,”

The funny part is that Sheila Atim and Lashana Lynch, two big names in this movie, were in Dr Strange: Multiverse of Madness and were completely destroyed by the Scarlet Witch. I won’t go in on the actresses because I understand.

Since black people have been in the US, they’ve been demonized in a variety of ways to make them seem inhuman. From caricatures to financial disenfranchisement, this movie plays into the same engineering, people who don’t look like you or know you. Are writing and telling your story and getting paid to make you look like a fool.

Precious and 12 Years a Slave have won awards if I’m not mistaken. This might get one too. The powers that be now know to sell you have to tap into the black girl magic crowd. Put them at the center and no matter how much it doesn’t make sense they see themselves on a scene so they will watch it. Slave movies have become slick so they may include some action to show it was a struggle when ultimately you know who won that particular battle. I doubt we will ever see the French-Haitian war though.


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