Thor Love And Thunder : Thor is Ruined

Thor love and Thunder

Thor Love And Thunder Plot

Thor has been in countless battles and romances in his lifetime, but now he feels lost in the world. Things change when his “ex” Jane becomes The Almighty Thor and the team must stop a new foe, Gorr The God Butcher, from erasing all Gods from existence.

Characters/ Roast

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) felt like something was missing in his life. Spending time with the Guardians of the Galaxy seemed like a mid-life crisis. He did everything the MCU fans wanted him to do. He lost weight from Endgame, had some decent fight scenes, and even found a new purpose in life to keep on fighting. Yet this 4th installment was super underwhelming. Ragnarok was different for Thor, as it was something new for the character. In the previous Thor films, he was a boring sword and sorcery-style character, but now he’s a heavy metal junkie who shares the same brain cells as Beavis and Butthead. Thor knows he can lead his people, but he’s not.

Jane (Natalie Portman) has stage 4 cancer. She happens to look into the myths of Mjolnir and visits New Asgard where the shattered hammer assembles itself turning her into Thor. Those she has been missing for a while you could since the chemistry coming back between the Thor’s. Her use of being able to shatter Mjolnir into projectiles at enemies was cool, but the whole situation could have been handled better. For the sake of inclusion, Jane is disabled. It’s not because she has cancer, but because her one-liners are very bad.

Thor Love And Thunder: Villians

King Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) babysits New Asgard while handling public relations whether it’s ads for TV or hanging around aliens (she’s a Man In Black after all). She’s a diverse woman on the screen who’s pronouns are King/ Ovaries since she likes women. I forgot to mention that her fight scenes were trash. How can you wear a crown and not have any legendary battles? If her screen time was cut, nothing would’ve been missed.

Korg (Taika Waititi) the CGI rock man who is Thor’s best friend, shows up again. Comic relief be damned! He should have been written out of this movie. I felt like one of the reasons they included him (besides Tiger Titti getting paid) was to crowbar a scene where he talks about making babies with another rock dude. Korg not dying was a huge head scratching let down for me.

Gorr (Christian Bale) witnessed His daughter die for a bad visual effect. The God he served would make anyone become an atheist the way he was acting. After Gorr chopped his head (rightfully so), he went on a spree, eliminating all the gods he could. Gorr stooped low enough to kidnap Asgardian children just to lure Thor. The diabolical reason he had for involving Thor made no sense. Thor should have been able to “summon” his weapon and end playtime there, but nooooo! Gorr had another moment where he could’ve used the sword and assassinated Valkyrie, but that didn’t happen either. The potential for him to be one of the coolest villains of all time was wasted. Imagine if he had a bone to pick with all gods after praying to all of them just for his kid to die. He deserved better.

Thor Love And Thunder Thoughts

The MCU hype train is slowly coming to a halt. With rising gas, home, and food prices, either come with the entertainment or don’t come at all. All movies don’t need a message catering to an audience that doesn’t even watch or financially support the films. People want a good distraction and a subpar movie makes them want to reevaluate their life. Parts of this movie felt like watching bits and pieces from other movies. Between Gorr imitating Pennywise and Thor handing out powers like Shazam, I’m not left with many good impressions. The creativity that could have gone into the characters was deleted for minor things like Stormbreaker being jealous of Thor’s relationship with Mjölnir, all the gods having a meeting before the orgy, even the screaming goats (for some parts). There were some cool aspects to be seen. The Guardians not helping out and letting Thor fight by himself was lame, not to mention the Asgard play with Matt Damon and Melissa McCarthy. The children being more involved for more than three minutes was not a good move. It was different to say the least. It also makes one wonder what else Thor can do, but you won’t find out because he’s in the passenger seat of his own film.

This movie 3.5 out of 10